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Early Modern Era Project Guidelines
Honors World History
Name: _________________
Topic: You must choose and research a topic from early modern era (1300 C.E.-1600 C.E.) in world
history and get my approval for that topic. Try to pick a topic that you find personally interesting.
Credit: 100 points - you must be able to justify 100 points in your project. A test is worth 100 points, so
your project should show the work required to learn the material and prepare for a test.
Content: Your project must have some content connection to the World History during the specified time
period. In other words, we should all learn something from your project about some aspect of world
history during the early modern era. You will be required to turn in copies of the sources that you use
to complete the project (minimum 3 sources). The copies should include a works cited page in MLA
format typed on the front of the packet.
Description: Your project must be visual in nature. This means that it can't be a paper. There are many
vehicles which you may choose to satisfy the visual requirement.
For example, your project could take the form of a (n):
Oral presentation with visual aids (minimum 7 minutes in length). This could be
a skit or play or even musical if you are so bold.
Model with an explanation that describes what each part represents (no legos, no
purchased, pre-made kits)
Build something appropriate
Elaborate timeline, large poster, or historical map (be sure that these can justify
100 points)
Computer generated project - not a word processed paper
Art that reflects the early modern era. If it is a copy of a work of art, it should
include an explanation of how it reflects early modern era art. If it is original
art, it should include an explanation of the aspects of the early modern era art
used in the work.
Any idea that you come up with (subject to my approval)
Effort: Effort is critical. I understand that you are all not accomplished artists, but you all can put forth a
genuine effort which will ultimately show in the final product.
Topic Due Date: You must submit your topic in writing on the appropriate form. Once a topic is
approved, then significant changes cannot be made. Project topics can evolve, but there will be no
wholesale changes allowed.
Proof: Depending on the nature of your project, proof of originality and ownership may be required. It is
helpful to attach pictures of you completing the project at various stages.
Due Date: ______________________________
Lateness: Late projects will be marked down 10 points per day late. Projects not turned in will receive a
Presentation: Each person will take a minute (or more depending on the project) to show their project to
the class and briefly explain the work done.