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Research the types of fish/prey in the bird’s current
area and make food chain posters.
Diagram predator/prey relationships and have the
birds attempt to overcome predation.
Study the particular ecosystem in which a study bird
is located.
Describe the egret life cycle/foods they eat/habitats.
Biology, Earth Science
Compare/contrast egret’s path with another animal at
the site.
How do birds adapt to human encroachment and
What is the impact of invasive species in the area?
Research the impact humans have had on egrets in
different areas.
Biology, Geography, Social Studies
Predict future movement/discuss reasons (give mock
prizes to students that get the movements right). Make
it a daily game with the entire class making predictions.
Dance, Physical Education
Choreograph dance based on bird movement.
Earth Science, Environmental Science, Geography
Connect the use of the Movebank website
and get students outside to do geocache
and compass activities.
Predict winter migration paths and
locations. Make predictions about the
location and timing of spring nesting.
Identify land and water landmarks.
Follow the egrets around the world and compare and
contrast where they go (look at climate zones, wind patterns,
and what these areas have in common).
Develop a story of what the bird sees and
experiences over a certain time period (given
certain ecosystem information, etc.). Why does the
bird make certain decisions?
Create a story from the bird’s perspective about its
life/travels/and what it sees.
Use the information from Movebank and
ecosystem/geography knowledge to write
children’s books or novels.
Explore the connection to folklore in the areas
where the egrets turn up.
Earth Science, Geography, Social Studies
Where in the world is the egret? Give clues.
Chart movement on individual maps.
Math, Physics
Connect and graph 3 axis movements to kids
Look at distances covered to calculate velocity,
range (area covered) patterns, (acceleration, etc.)
Graph egret behavior- Do a kinetic study.
Graph development
Music, Social Studies
Match bird behavior/flight to music and movement.
Connect Peter and the Wolf music to match bird
Connect bird movement/behavior to Native
American dances and customs.
Study the Movebank tracking system and
compare it to modern GPS systems and how
humans can be tracked with GPS on cell
phones/automobile systems. Will the future
be affected by these technologies with every
human movement being tracked?
Study how satellites are used.