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OFRU Recycling Press Center
Datum: 15-06-10 10:59:31
Exactly On Time For the Start Of the World Cup – First OFRU Solvent Recovery Plant
in Durban Starts Running.
First OFRU treatment plant for liquid hazardous waste in Durban has started running.
Babenhausen, Hessen:  In Durban, South Africa, the first treatment plant for liquid
hazardous waste was commissioned in June 2010. The type ASC-100 Recovery Plant for a
local packaging factory was built in only three months. OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
based in Babenhausen/Germany designed the plant.
Buyer and operator of the recycling plant is Tropic Plastics & Packaging Industries (PTY)
Ltd. (, which is based in the city Durban with its colonial style
influences.  Tropic Plastics produce packaging films for the packaging of white bread,
pasta, rice, pulp products and various other convenience goods in Durban.  Flammable,
environmentally hazardous solvents are used for the printing of labels and for packaging
design in a machine-based printing process. These solvents had to be disposed of in an
extensive and costly manner.  The recycling plant was commissioned exactly on time
for the Soccer World Cup, and recycles about 700 litres of solvents in 16 operating hours. The
dirty solvents that result from the printing process are recycled in an environmentally friendly
manner using a distillation process and can then be re-used in the factory. A giant, important
step in the right direction to encourage the issue of recycling management in South Africa.
Press contact:
OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KGPress Dept.In den Steinaeckern 2664832
Telefon: +49-6073-7203-11Telefax: +49-6073-7203-12E-Mail: press[email protected]
Further Informationen:
OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KGIn den Steinäckern 2664832 Babenhausen Germany
Telefon: +49-6073-7203-0Telefax: +49-6073-7203-90
E-Mail:  info(at)ofru(dot)comWeb:
OFRU Recycling GmbH & CO. KG ( is a medium-size family company
with based in Babenhausen at the edge Rhine Main area. The enterprise was created in the
year 1978 and looks back today on 30 years experience in the distillation technology of
solvent. Today OFRU is a leading global manufacturer of highly productive solvent recycling
machines (Solvent recovery systems).
The product program covers modern distillation systems and/or vacuum distillation plants for
inflammable and aqueous solvents and/or cleaners. Beside the small plants for 50 l daily
volumes, fully automatic evaporators up to an output of 2000 l/hr are available.
The success bases on a comprehensive process engineering know-how in many industries
and a modern development department. Technical innovations and safety is a huge priority
with OFRU. Clients are based all over the world, mainly in chemical, printing and industrial
solvent, treatment, recovery, plant, recycling, solvents
OFRU Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
In den Steinäckern 26
D-64832 Babenhausen
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DE 111 745 790
+49 - 6073 - 7203-0
+49 - 6073 - 7203-90
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