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“Climate change is an existing risk, and disposal of end-of-life
electronic products may have an indirect effect on climate change.
Even though Wistron will not profit from devoting ourselves to this
matter, it is something that will have a negative effect on us in the
future if we fail to tackle it now.”
— Wistron Chairman & CEO, Simon Lin
The rapid growth and acceptance of electronic products helps create a life of
convenience, speeds up progress in both industry and society and shortens the
distance between people. Despite the many advantages derived from electronic
products, there are significant risks associated with their use and “end-oflife” disposition. The problem of “e-waste” caused by improper disposal of
electronics can cause environmental degradation and adverse effects to human
We have been concerned about this problem for some time, and are seeking
suitable resource recycling modes for electronic scrap. Once developed, we
believe these responsible and sustainable recycling practices will help achieve
our goal of protecting the environment and recycling natural resources. These
professional recycling practices also replace current methods, many of which
are dangerous and cause health problems for workers and society in general.
Green Cycle
Through applying advanced resource recycling technologies, scrap electronic
products can be turned into high-quality raw materials. Utilizing our own
electronic product development capability, and linking upstream and
downstream industries, we can use those recycled materials to replace some
of the raw materials we require and also reduce our dependence on extracting
raw materials such as metals and crude oil, greatly benefiting the global
Green Recycling Business
Development Division
Vision and Mission
To achieve the above vision, we have planned for the front-end operations of
collection, sorting, repair, refurbishment, and dismantling followed by the backend refining process to facilitate the reuse, recycling, and recovery of endof-life electronic products. In this way the goal of actual “Cradle to Cradle”
resource recycling can be achieved.
To be the leading service
supplier of e-waste recycling
Wistron Green Cycle Solution
In this regard, we formally established the “Green Recycling Business
Development Division,” and implemented the “Green Cycle Solution” for
electronic products. Based on the four resource categories (plastics, circuit
boards, batteries, and displays) which have “the biggest impact on the
environment” and “the most recycling value,” we offer an advanced refining
process with the target of turning scrap materials into high-quality raw materials
for new product production.
Front-end operations
Collection, Repair, Refurbish, and Dismantling
Back-end operations
Refining Plastic, Circuit board, Battery,
Refined materials
For us, the recycling of energy and resources in our product life cycle is more
than an admirable concept. This concept is a realistic goal that we plan to
achieve. Overall, the “Green Cycle Solution” is an approach to solve the e-waste
problem and provide raw materials for use. This program can also achieve the
balance of environmental protection and economic development.
Industrial scrap materials
Second-hand products & Parts
Product Life Cycle
Provide ODM/OEM
clients ”cradle to cradle”
closed-loop solutions
Wistron Green Cycle solution