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Departmental Exam: Horticulture
What is the active ingredient of most rooting compounds in which cuttings are dipped during vegetative
Name 4 factors that affect plant germination.
All seeds require light to germinate. True or False
What is the proper method to store plant and vegetable seeds that have been purchased well before
planting dates?
The ideal time to transplant seedlings to larger pots is when they are small and there is little danger of
setback. What is the primary indicator of this stage of growth?
What is meant by apical dominance?
Briefly describe the two types of pruning cuts and the purpose of each.
For a plant with the scientific name of Acer rubrum cv. Red Sunset, "Red Sunset" is the _______ name.
 genus
 species
 family
 cultivar
What is meant by the term 'day neutral plant'? Name two plants that fit this description.
List four nonchemical methods which can be used to control lawn weeds.
True or False. Dandelion killers containing 2,4-D should be applied to a lawn in July.
Why is over seeding a lawn sometimes recommended?
Describe the following components of an IPM program in a vegetable production system:
a. sampling and monitoring.
b. identification.
c. determining need for control.
d. evaluating control options.
e. implementation.
f. evaluation and record-keeping.
Describe the role of the following practices in a crop rotation system:
a. fallow.
b. green manure crops.
c. cover crops.
Describe the effect of tap and fibrous root systems on
a. nutrient uptake.
b. water uptake.
c. erosion control.
d. soil structure.
e. ability to penetrate compacted layers.
Describe how the following factors influence crop quality in storage:
a. temperature.
b. moisture.
c. aeration.
d. stored product pests.
e. crop condition and moisture at harvest.
f. post-harvest handling.
g. length of storage.
h. amount of foreign material.
i. sanitation of storage facilities