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Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Mr. David Miller
Robotics is a one year advanced programming and electronics elective. The main objectives of the course are to
use high quality structured programming and knowledge of electronic circuitry to create robotic models that
sense, learn and react within their environment. Troubleshooting is a necessary skill to problem-solving.
Computer Electives
Computer Programming
Intro to Programming I (semester)
Intro to Programming II (semester)
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (year)
Advanced Placement Computer Science A (year)
Advanced Placement Computer Science B (year)
Computer Applications
Computer Applications (semester)
Integrated Computer Applications (semester)
Graphic Computer Applications I (semester)
Graphic Computer Applications II (semester)
Digital Media (year)
Course Requirements
 Turn in classwork when due.
 Study/Practice for quizzes/tests.
 Complete projects on time.
 Do your own work.
 QBasic Programming Review
 Mousebot Program
 Electronics Unit
 Models Unit (soldering, electronics and gears)
 Legos Unit (construction and programming)
I am looking forward to a great year. Please contact me at any time with questions, comments, or concerns.