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Answers to Socrative Quiz Heat/Temperature Topic 4,5,6
1. D – Melting
2. A – Boiling
3. C – Ionization
4. B – Evaporative Cooling
5. B - False – During a phase change the average energy remains the same
6. B - False – you would see a graph looking like steps because the temperature
does not change during a phase change
7. D – Latent Heat
8. E – Sublimation
9. A – True – A substance always gains energy when changing from liquid to gas
(evaporation) and always loses energy when changing from liquid to solid
10. D – Volcanoes and Lava
11. B – Reduction
12. A – Transfer of energy without movement of particles
13. D – Transfer of energy by collisions of particles
14. E – Transfer of energy by movement of particles
15. A – True – Gamma rays have the smallest wavelength and therefore the
highest energy
16. B – False – Radiowaves have the lowest energy, but the longest wavelength
17. A – Radiowaves, microwaves, infrared, Visible light, UV, Gamma Rays
18. C – Energy Source, Energy Transfer, Control System, Waste as heat
19. B – False – Insulators slow down the rate of conduction (Think insulation in
a house keeps the house warm by slowing down the heat loss
20. B – False – The circular movement of fluids while heating is called a
convection current. (Think convection oven)