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12.5 Southeast Asia
There are two parts of Southeast Asia: _______________________ (bordering China &
India) and the islands.
Heat, humidity, & _______________________
Rivers, valleys, and hills make travel & ______________________________ difficult
The key to political power is usually control of __________________________ and
________________, because it is directly between the Indian Ocean and the
China Sea
___________ & ___________________ missionaries arrived around the 1st century.
Kingdoms formed around _________________political ideas & religions
China also influenced the region by ______________________ or demanding
______________ from local rulers
___________________________________ was in modern-day Cambodia.
By the 800s it had conquered neighboring kingdoms & created an empire.
Improved ____________ cultivation through new _____________________
________________________ is a Hindu temple and the world’s largest
religious structure
Sailendra dynasty ruled ____________
________________________ temple at Borobudur
Fell under the island empire of Srivijaya
___________________________ Dynasty was greatest from 7th to 13th centuries
Gained wealth by _______________________________
______________________ was in modern-day Vietnam
Under _______________________rule during the Han dynasty & broke away
after the Tang Dynasty
Absorbed Chinese culture: Buddhism & government system
Kept _____________________________________ and spirit of independence
_______Dynasty (1009-1225) had their capital at Hanoi
Strong central government, improved ________________________
and _____________________
12.5 Korea
2 legends: 1: founded by the hero Tan’gun, whose father was a _________ & his mother a
2: founded by a royal descendant of the Shang Dynasty (China)
Shows that while there was ____________________ influence, they
developed their own ________________________________________
_______________________ about the size of Utah
Mountainous: limits farming and separates it from Manchuria to the north
Geography kept it somewhat ______________________
Different _____________ controlled different parts of the country
Conquered by the __________ Dynasty in 108 BC
Learned about centralized government, Confucianism, Buddhism, and
Tribes began to gather together into _______________________ and then 3
rival ____________________
____________ kingdom defeated the other kingdoms, drove out the
Chinese, & took control of the peninsula
_______________ Dynasty (935 to 1392): started when Wang Kon gained control
Modeled after ________________________________, including a civil service
Sharp social distinction between _______________________ & everyone else
Political positions were _____________________
__________________ occupied Korea from 1231 to 1360s
Demanded ________________: 20,000 horses, clothing for 1 million soldiers,
& children & artisans to take as slaves
_______________ (Yi) Dynasty overthrew the Koryu Dynasty & ruled for 518 years
Cultural achievements: ____________________ pottery with a milky green glaze
Thousands of wooden blocks for printing ____________________ scriptures