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Integrated Science
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Classical Mechanics Demos
1. Displacement and Distance What is the difference between displacement and distance?
2. Motion Animation In a graph of velocity versus time, describe the slope of the line
when the acceleration = 0 m/s2.
Is the slope greater (steeper) at 25 or 50 m/s2?
Describe the slope of the line when the acceleration = -50 m/s2.
What happens to the car when the line crosses the x-axis?
3. Dropping 2 Balls How does the horizontal speed of one ball affect how fast it falls
compared to a ball that is dropped straight down?
4. Galilean Relativity How does the forward motion of a boat affect a ball dropped from
its mast? That is, where will it land – in front, behind or next to the mast?
5. Racing Balls Which one wins – the red, blue or both balls?
6. Racing Skiers Which one wins – the red, blue or both balls?
7. Air Track Collisions In an elastic collision between two carts of equal mass, what
happens to the initial speed of the cart 1? What happens to cart 2’s speed?
What happens to the speeds of cart 1 and 2 if cart 2’s mass is 1.4 the mass of cart 1?
What happens to the speed of carts 1 and 2 if cart 2’s mass is 0.7 the mass of cart 1?
Describe what happens in an inelastic (Velcro) collision of equal mass carts.
What happens if the mass of the carts is NOT equal in an inelastic collision?
8. Describe which of Newton’s three laws of motion was demonstrated in any one of the
above animations. Be sure to explain WHY! Note: more than one may be used!
Astronauts in Outer Space
9. What problem do astronauts have while working in outer space?
Which Law of Motion must be remembered in space? ________
10. How did it affect Gene Cernan?
11. What solution helps astronauts work in space now? WHY?
12. What is meant by “zero gravity?” Is there really no gravity in space?
Galileo’s Thought Experiment
13. Why don’t we feel the Earth moving?
Galileo on the Moon
14. Which hits the moon surface first: the hammer or the feather? Explain!
Free Fall and Weightlessness-- Interactive
15. What is the difference in gravity from the surface of the Earth and 100 miles above it?
16. What’s the real reason that astronauts float in space?
17. If you are in freefall, you feel as though _______________________.
18. If there is nothing in your way, you can __________________ for a very long time.
19. An object’s __________________ determines whether or not it is in orbit.
20. Why doesn’t the Moon Fall Down?