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Year 10
Newton’s Laws of Motion
1. Which force prevents a bus falling through the road?
2. List two forces that act against the forward motion of a car.
3. Describe your motion (as a passenger on a bus) if the bus...
a) Does a quick right turn?
b) A slow left turn?
c) An emergency stop at 60 km/hr?
4. The gravity on Mars is only 3.7 m/s2. What would your weight be on Mars?
5. Explain in terms of Newton’s First law of Motion why you should wear a seat belt in a vehicle.
6. What total force would cause a 1.5 kg glass bowl to accelerate across a table at 0.2 m/s2?
7. List 3 pairs of action and reaction forces.
8. Who invented the first rockets and what were they used for?
Using Newton’s Second Law of Motion
1. How much horizontal net force is required to accelerate a 1000 kg car at 2 m/s2? (N)
2. What total force would cause a 1.5kg salad bowl to accelerate across the table at 0.30 m/s2? (N)
3. A net force of 10 Newtons acts on a box which has a mass of 2 kg. What will be the acceleration of the box?
4. A jet airplane accelerates on the runway at 3.0 m/s2. It has two engines which exert a total thrust of 3.0 x 105
N. What is the mass of this airplane? (tonnes)
5. A 10 kg sled is pulled across the snow so that the total force acting on it is 12 N. What is the size of the
acceleration of the sled? (m/s2 )
6. Two identical toy carts A and B each with a mass of 1.0 kg are pushed across a smooth level table with the
same force. One of them carries a heavy brick. Cart A accelerates more rapidly than Cart B.
a) Which toy cart contains the brick? How do you know?
b) If the acceleration of Cart A is 2.0 m/s2 what is the total force acting on each cart?