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1. What is Biotechnology?
Biotech Study Guide for the Final
2. What is the value of a “micro”?
3. What tool do we use in the lab to measure out extremely small measurements such as micro
4. List (in order) the steps of how to use a micropipette.
5. What are the values of the measurements below of various micropipettes?
6. What is asceptic technique? Give me at least 2 examples of using this technique in the lab.
7. What does DNA stand for and what are its components?
8. Draw the basic structure of DNA. Label the sugar, phosphate, and bases
9. What is meant by the “universal code”, what do these letters represent and code for?
10. What is the relationship between genes, proteins and traits of an organism?
11. What is the building block of a protein?
12. DNAProteinTrait = The Central Dogma
What 2 processes take place during arrow 1?
Briefly diagram these two processes’ using arrows like I did (know these processes’)
13. How can organisms be engineered to have new characteristics?
14. Define each of the following terms below:
a. Plasmid (and list the 3 shapes)b. Restriction Enzymes-
c. DNA ligased. Recombinant DNA-
15. Explain how genetic engineering can be used to solve medical problems.
16. What is gen electrophoresis and how is it used in the field of biotechnology?
17. What ultimately “pushes” the DNA through the gel and what properties of agarose gel allow for
this movement?
18. What is the PCR and why is this process important in the field?
19. Briefly list the steps of the PCR below. Know what happens in each.