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Bd. Unirii 4, bl. 8B,
sc. 2, apt 46, sector 4,
Bucuresti, Romania
e-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0726223880
Date of Birth: 24 august 1981
Nationality: French
Francois VERDIER
Microsoft Active Directory, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Acces), Open
Office (software type Microsoft Office), CMS (Content Management System, Lotus Notes
Internet marketing: SEO, PPC (Adword), media buying online, social media
HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, data base in MySQL
Foreign languages:
French - Native speaker
English – advanced level (oral and written)
Romanian – medium level (oral and written)
Commercial database (stocks , sells, clients, etc.)
Good capacity of negotiating
Ability to work in a team environment
Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
IBM ROMANIA february 2012 French department – IT support:
 Active Directory Administration
 Microsoft Exchange
 networking
 Installation, administration and monitoring of the IT infrastructure (servers, workstation, network equipment,
computers, laptops, tablets, printers, applications)
 maintaining proper functioning of workstations: Virus Removal, solve various software issue
 taking and solving IT requests
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ROMANIA february 2011 - january 2012
French department – Technical support:
Using broad and in-depth product knowledge provide and facilitate the responsive delivery of technical
solutions and information to major customers;
Provide solutions to complex problems that satisfy our French speaking customer base. This involves dealing
with difficult situations including complaint handling,
sensitive customers and mission critical support;
Build customer and partner loyalty through customer orientation, responsiveness and accountability;
Work in an international environment and collaborate with your team to provide high-level support;
Attend triage meetings with local or remote engineers to share knowledge and efficiently develop customer
Work with local marketing people for product feedback, new product launches.
Supporting customers on phone and written correspondence regarding technical questions and issues related
to UPS s and Client technologies.
Scoping and documenting customer scenarios, potential causes and troubleshooting steps
Analyze problems and develop solutions to meet customer needs
Effectively communicating with customers and stakeholders via, phone, email or any other available means
Assess self-knowledge and collaborate or escalate as needed Pro-actively work towards self-development and
sharing knowledge
WIPRO TECHNILOGIES ROMANIA april 2010 French department – customer order management customer support:
Operational support for the client by keeping the order management process within the agreed lines
Activities regarding transaction processing by daily monitoring using available transactions (SAP, Sales
Force, B2B Orders)
Order management – pro-active monitoring of media/equipment orders
Daily reports on the orders status
Control and quality monitoring
Continuous communication within the group departments/countries.
DREAM SISTEM SRL (Romania) 2005 - 2010
 Administrator
 Creation and administration of website
 collaboration in the informatics’ department
TEC SISTEM (SPANIA) – water purification systems 2004 - 2005
 administrative domain
 responsible with the supplies
 responsible with billing towards the clients
 responsible with the payment towards the suppliers
MAGIC CAFE 2 ( third internet café as importance from Marseille 2003
 responsible of the shop
 public relations
6 Sigma (blue and green), LEAN, Excel, Time management,
2012 – Network administration certification
2003 - Licence Business administration
1996 - BEPC des Colleges – Marseille
 Sports (ski, swimming, fitness)
 Reading
 Traveling (Greece, Turkey , Spain, Austria)