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Chapter 21
Test Review
21.1 Group Behavior
Define social facilitation
What is evaluation apprehension
Define social loafing and explain why it occurs
What is the diffusion of responsibility
Define risky shift and give examples of behavior it might explain
Be able to define and differentiate between the different social decision
making schemes:
Majority-Wins Scheme
Truth-Wins Scheme
Two-Thirds Majority Scheme
First-Shift Scheme
What is polarization and how does it come about
Understand the different styles of leadership
21.2 Conformity
Define conformity
Be able to explain Asch’s study and discuss his findings
What are social norms
Explicit norms (and examples)
Implicit norms (and examples)
21.3 Obedience
Why do we obey
Foot-in-the –door Effect
Confusion about attitudes
21.4 Aggression
Define Aggression
Understand the different theories :
Biological view
Psychoanalytic (Freud) view
What is catharsis
Cognitive view
Learning view
How are some affected by watching violence on television?
Sociocultural view
21.5 Altruism
Define Altruism
How do evolutionary psychologists explain it?
Explain the bystander effect
What factors determine whether or not someone will help?