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Sources and Nature of Light
(Ref. P. 403-409 M-H Text)
The different ways of producing light depend on
the different ways electrons can be forced to
move to higher energy levels in their atoms.
Although the electrons may be moved to higher
energy levels in different ways, the light is
always produced in the same way.
Diagram of how an atom gives off light when
it is “excited”
How is light produced? ______________________________________
Main Types of Light Emissions:
1. Incandescence: __________________________________________
2. Luminescence: __________________________________________________________________________________
Questions: (Ref. P. 403-409)
1) Define fluorescence
Draw a diagram to explain how fluorescence works.
2) List four uses of fluorescent materials.
3) Define and give an example of each of the following types of luminescence
4) Redraw Figure 10.11 pg 409 to show the regions of visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. Label the regions in
your drawing.