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Pre-Lecture Quiz, Porth
Chapter 23, Disorders of Blood Pressure Regulation
1. High blood pressure is common and dangerous phenomenon among pregnant women.
2. Race is a demonstrated, independent risk factor in the development of hypertension.
3. Relatively few effective and safe drug therapies exist for the treatment of high blood
4. The arterial blood pressure reflects the rhythmic ejection of blood from the left
ventricle into the aorta.
5. Hypertension is associated with damage to seemingly unrelated organs such as the
liver and pancreas.
1. The ______________ system increases blood pressure by way of a cascade that begins
with enzyme release from the kidneys.
2. ___________ hypotension is marked by a sharp decrease in blood pressure upon
3. A daily intake of more than 6 g of _________ is strongly associated with hypertension.
4. A blood pressure of 154/79 is indicative of _____________ hypertension.
5. The leading cause of high blood pressure in young women is ____________