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Amy Bastarache
Spring 2007
TE 408
Substitute Lesson Plan
In this lesson, students will watch a video and take notes on new vocabulary that is relevant to
our unit. The video is geared toward students learning Spanish who are unfamiliar with sports
vocabulary, and it also incorporates vocabulary that students will not see in their textbooks, so
this plan could be used at any point during the unit.
Spanish I:
1. Take attendance.
2. Hand out the worksheet entitled “Fútbol Mexicano! Explain to the students that the
vocabulary will appear on the screen as the movie plays, and they are to fill out the
worksheet as they watch. Let them know that each section will play twice, so they don’t
have to get everything the first time they watch it. Also tell them to read carefully; some
of the parts ask for English and others for Spanish.
3. Put in the DVD entitled “¡Fútbol Mexicano!” There are three different sections of the
video. Each section plays through twice and then has an interactive part with games to
review the new vocabulary. Please play each section TWICE and SKIP THE GAME
PART (just go back to the menu and select the next section).
4. When the menu comes up, select “Antes del partido,” and let this section play twice.
5. Go back to the menu and select “El primer tiempo.” Let this play twice.
6. Go back to the menu and select “El segundo tiempo.” Let this play twice.
7. After the video, please write the following on the board: “On a separate sheet of paper,
write a paragraph about how soccer games in Mexico are similar and different from
sporting events here.” (Note: Students may complete this task in English or Spanish,
depending on where it falls in the unit. If it is at the beginning they will not have the
vocabulary to express their opinions in Spanish, so it would be acceptable to write in
English. I will give the substitute directions accordingly).
8. If students finish the worksheet and writing task, please collect them, clip them together,
and leave them on my desk. If they do not finish, it is homework, due tomorrow.
9. As long as they keep working and keep the noise level down, I don’t mind if students talk
while they work. They should not, however, be talking during the video.
Possible Special Education adaptations: Students with basic learning disabilities (reading, etc.)
should be able to complete this task with little to no complications. For more severely disabled
students, I may make up a second worksheet that would not be as stressful for them to complete
(shorter, directions in English, not so much looking back and forth from TV to paper, etc.)
Obviously, the adjustments that I make will depend entirely on the students that they are
designed to benefit.
Amy Bastarache, 2007
Nombre _____________________________________ Fecha __________ Hora _____
¡Fútbol Mexicano!
Instrucciones: Mire la película y escriba las palabras que corresponden en
Antes del partido
1. ¿En cuál ciudad y país está el partido?
2. ¿Cómo se llama el estadio?
¿Cómo se dice en inglés?
1. la portería __________________
2. los aficionados _________________
3. el calentamiento __________________
4. patear ________________
5. la prensa escrita __________________
6. la bandera ___________________
7. las porristas ___________________
8. ¡Arriba Atlas! ___________________
9. ¡Somos número uno! __________________
¿Cúales son los equipos que juegan?
U.N.A.M. es la Universidad ________________ ________________ de México.
El primer tiempo
¿Cómo se dice en español?
1. cleats _______________
2. shinguards ________________
3. goalie _______________
4. defenders (fullbacks) ________________
5. midfielders _________________
6. forwards _______________
7. out __________
Amy Bastarache, 2007
Nombre _____________________________________ Fecha __________ Hora _____
8. attack _____________
9. line judge _________________
10. free throw _________________
11. the bench _________________
12. substitutes ___________________
¿Cómo se dice en inglés?
1. el emapte _____________
2. las palomitas _______________
3. chiflar _________________
4. entrenador _______________
5. medio tiempo _______________
¿Qué significan “el primer tiempo” y “el segundo tiempo”?
¿Quién gana al fin del primer tiempo?
El segundo tiempo
¿Cómo se dice en español?
1. to score _______________
2. official/referee ______________
3. yellow card _____________________
4. red card _______________________
5. to catch _____________
6. to fight ______________
7. to protest ______________
¿Qué significa la tarjeta amarilla? ¿La tarjeta roja?
¿Quién gana el partido? ¿Cuál es el puntaje?
Amy Bastarache, 2007
Nombre _____________________________________ Fecha __________ Hora _____
Amy Bastarache, 2007