Download MPM1D Unit 2 Outline – Algebra Simplifying Polynomial

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MPM1D Unit 2 Outline – Algebra
Simplifying Polynomial Expressions and Solving Equations
I have provided lots of practice questions for this unit. Be sure to do as much
practice as you can so that you develop the required accuracy and speed in your
algebraic skills. Whenever you have extra time in MSIP or later on in the
semester, try to return to any unfinished assignments for this unit.
1. Introduction to Polynomials – Vocabulary: Combining Like terms
WS 3.2
p. 257 Q. 1-5
2. Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
WS 6.2
p. 257 Q. 6-8
3. Using Exponent Laws When the Base is a variable
Set of Four Worksheets. Solutions are posted for the last page.
p. 229 Q. 8a-l, 9
More practice? P. 271 Q. 1, 2abeghlm, 6
4. Simplifying Polynomials by Expanding
p. 263 Q. 6, 11; WS6.6
p. 271 Q. 3 (Correction to 3c answer: -6k2 + 3k), 8abcd, 9, 10
5. Multiplying Binomials Using FOIL
FOIL Worksheet 1 and 2 (Solutions are posted.)
More practice? FOIL WS3
6. Dividing a Polynomial by a Monomial
p. 229 Q. 8m-r, 18cdh
p. 263 Q. 4abcd, 7
p. 271 Q. 2cdfijkn, 4, 5, 8efgh, 12, 14, 15
7. Factoring Polynomials by Finding a Common Factor
p. 264 Q. 8odd (just find the GCF), 9, 11
Common Factor Worksheet
Page 1
MPM1D Unit 2 Outline – Algebra
Simplifying Polynomial Expressions and Solving Equations
8. Solving Linear Equations
Solve equations in left-hand columns for:
p. 294 Q. 1, 2, 4, 18, 19 and p. 313 Q. 3, 5, 6
Start Worksheets on Solving Equations
9. Solving Linear Equations containing Fractions
p. 294 Q. 3adgj, 5adgj, 14fghi
p. 25 Q. 4ace, 5ace
p. 313 Q. 2ace, 4ace
Find more practice in Solving Equations Worksheets
10. Review
Coloured Summary Sheet
p. 246 Q. 19, 20
p. 253 Q. 8
p. 274 Q. 2ace, 3ace, 4, 5abcd, 6abcd, 7abcde, 8
p. 333 Q. 8aceg
p. 337 Q. 1aceg
Find some FOIL questions from Day 5 Worksheets
Find more practice in Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Worksheets
11. Test
Page 2