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Unit 10 – The New Deal
Notes #4
USII 6d. The student will
d) Identify the causes of the Great Depression, its impact on Americans, and the major
features of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was
elected President of the United
States in 1932. He immediately
took actions to improve the Great
Depression. Laws passed during
this time were known as: The New
Major features of the New Deal:
1. started Social Security
2. started work programs to
create new jobs
3. started environmental
improvement programs
4. started farm assistance
5. increased rights for labor
FDR and his wife Eleanor were very
popular with Americans. He began
talking to people in the United States
over the radio. These talks were called
“fireside chats.” Franklin Roosevelt
suffered from a disease called polio,
which paralyzed both of his legs.
Because of this, Eleanor often traveled
in his place. She also wrote a daily
newspaper column and worked on equal
rights for women and minorities.