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aul. Who was Franklin D.
Roosevelt’s wife?
2. Who was FDR’s cousin?
Theodore Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
3.How was FDR able to talk
2. H4. 4. Where was FDR born?
to so many people each week?
Hyde Park, New York
Fireside Chats
Wh 5. Where did President 4. Wh6. What did FDR’s Tennessee
Roosevelt die?
Valley Authority do?
Warm Springs, Georgia
Brought electricity to
homes in Tennessee and
other Southern States.
7. What was the United
A group of people from
countries all over the
world that meet to talk
about problems and
9. What war did President
Roosevelt bring the
United States into?
World War II
11. Why were some people
hesitant to vote for
Franklin for governor?
They wondered if
someone who could not
walk could be the leader
of a state.
8. What did FDR become ill
10. What was the New Deal?
FDR’s plan to help the
people of the United
States recover from the
Great Depression
12. Why was Eleanor called
Franklin’s eyes and
She traveled around the
United States and talked to
people about their problems
face to face. She would then
tell Franklin what she had
seen and heard.
13. What was life like for many
people during the Great
Businesses closed and millions
of people lost their jobs and
homes. People had to wait in
lines for bread for hours
because they couldn’t buy their
own. Life was difficult.
14. What did President
Roosevelt’s plan “The
New Deal” promise to
It promised to get
American’s back to work.
15. Besides being in a
wheelchair, how was
President Roosevelt
different from other
He was the only person
to be elected to 4
terms as president.
16. Explain how Franklin
Roosevelt was an
example of diligence.
He spent years trying to
regain his strength after
he had polio.
17. What is the quote that
Franklin is famous for
“Yesterday, December 7,
1941, a date which will live in
infamy, the United States
of American was attacked
by the empire of Japan.”
18. Why could the United
States no longer stay
out of World War II?
Because Japan bombed
Pearl Harbor and Japan
was on the same side of
the war as Germany and
19. Which two countries
had dictators come into
power in 1939 which
caused the beginning of
20. During WWII, why did
women take over
factory jobs that had
once been done by
Because the men were
fighting in the war.
Germany and Italy
21. Who became president
when FDR passed away
just before WWII
22. Why was FDR a hero?
He didn’t let his
disability prevent him
from reaching his goals.
Vice President Harry Truman
23. Why were some
countries angry that
there were dictators in
Germany and Italy?
Because the dictators
had complete power and
sometimes ruled cruelly.
24. How did FDR show he
supported liberty?
He led the United states
in a war against dictators
who took away freedom.
25. How did FDR show
26. What were some
projects that the New
Deal started?
FDR and his wife,
Eleanor, worked together
to help people.
Building bridges, roads,
dams, libraries, schools,
and airports.
27. What were some things
Americans did to help
during WWII?
28. What did the CCC or
Civilian Conservation
Corps program do?
Put people to work in
national parks, forests,
beaches, and
Grew their own food so food
from farms could be sent to
soldiers and collect scrap metal
to be turned into equipment for
29. How did the Civilian
Conservation Corps
program give people a
sense of pride?
People were proud
because they had jobs
that were helping their