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Science 7 – Chapter 13
Define melting.
Define freezing.
Define boiling.
Define condensation.
Define evaporation.
Define solidification.
How are a gas, liquid, and solid
What are some examples of a gas?
Of liquids?
Of solids?
What is a variable?
What is a hypothesis?
The change from a solid to a liquid,
like ice to water or rock to lava.
When temperatures are cold enough
to turn something from liquid to
solid, like water to ice.
When the temperature is hot enough
to turn something from liquid to gas,
like water to air.
The change from gas to a liquid, like
air to water.
The change from a liquid to a gas,
like water to air.
When a liquid changes to a solid,
like lava cooling to become rock.
Gas can be pushed into a smaller
space; liquid cannot.
Liquids flow and take the shape of
their container. Solids do not flow.
Air, oxygen, bubbles.
Water, coke, honey, lava.
Ice, rocks, wood.
A part of an experiment that can
change. It is usually tested
An explanation for an observation
(something you see) that you can
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