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For each Greek Root, look up two derivatives (words) that contain the root and reflect the root’s
meaning. Write out the words and their definitions. Choose one of the two, and use it in a
sentence of your own. Make sure to highlight the word.
Scop, Scept, Skept: look at, examine
Eu: good, well
Caco: bad
Mega, Megalo: large
Micro: small
For each of the SAT words below, you must write out the definition, skip a line and then write
out a sentence of your own that shows the word’s definition. Please highlight each word! English
10 must do the first five words. English 10 Honors must do all ten words.
1. Aphorism: old saying
2. Achillean: invulnerable
3. Conjecture: speculation, prediction
4. Diminutive: small in stature
5. Epochal: significant, marking an epoch or age
6. Foreboding: dark sense of evil to come
7. Expatriate (n): someone who has been driven from his country
8. Illustrious: famous or renowned
9. Inimical: hostile or unfriendly
10. Martyr: someone who dies for his beliefs