Download Additional exercise options for patients living with and beyond cancer

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Clinical Commissioning Group
Additional exercise options for patients living with and beyond cancer
Patients living with and beyond cancer are eligible for the up and running ‘GO Active Get
Healthy programme’ programme, available across Oxfordshire.
A Cancer diagnosis has now been added to the eligibility criteria for GP Exercise on
Referral programme and the forms, available on the intranet, have been changed
The programme is a free programme and runs until the end of September
There are a wide range of local classes and activities available through the GO Active
Get Healthy programme
n.b. The criteria for the GO Active Get Healthy programme is that you need to be 16
years+ and currently doing 30 minutes or less of moderate intensity exercise per week as
opposed to the GP Exercise on Referral Programme where the qualifying criteria is less
than 90 minutes per week.
Consultants are being asked to advise eligible Cancer patients to increase their physical
activity after treatment, so you may be asked about this at the 6 monthly cancer care
review appointment.
If you have any patients who are eligible please refer them to GO Active, Get Healthy
programme so they can join up and start an activity of their choice.
If you would like any professional advice or more information, or you would like one of
the programme co-ordinators to come and present at the surgery, then please email
Jane Trenchard, the Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity co-ordinator for advice
([email protected])
Dr Shelley Hayles
OCCG Clinical Cancer Lead
Feb 2017