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Head and Neck Cancer Facts
 Oral, Head and Neck Cancer is the 6th most common cancer in US according to Head and Neck Cancer
 An estimated 7850 deaths from oral cavity & pharynx cancer are expected in 2012 according to American
Cancer Society.
 Oral cavity and pharynx cancers are nearly 2x as common among men as women according to American
Cancer Society.
 Tobacco use, alcohol use, and human papillomavirus infection are major risk factors for head and neck
 75% of head and neck cancers are caused by tobacco and alcohol use according to NCI.
 Recent studies show that about 25% of mouth and 35% of throat cancers are caused by HPV according to
 Per Oral Cancer Foundation, risk of oral cancer 4 those who both smoke and drink is 15X greater than
those who don’t.
 Only a little more 50% of newly diagnosed patients survive five-years after diagnosis per American Cancer
 It‘s estimated that approximately $3.2 billion is spent in the US each year on head and neck cancers
 50% of people with head and neck cancers have very advanced cases by the time they first see a doctor.
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