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Close-ended Constructed Response
Vocabulary Project
Objective: You will learn to describe location using common language and geometric
vocabulary. You will need to understand these terms to be successful in this class.
Project: You will be creating a “Geometry in the World Around Us” scrapbook, which
includes pictures, definitions and facts about a number of terms or concepts we will be
covering in Geometry throughout the year. You will find a list of approximately 30 words
or phrases from geometry class. Select 25 of the terms to include in your book. Each of
these items must appear on a page by itself. You will state the term, give a definition,
find a picture which represents the term and enhance the geometric focus of the
picture in some way. Create a title for the project. You may not use the same picture for
more than one term or phrase. The type of folder or binder in which you put your pictures
is entirely up to you. Points will be awarded for overall neatness and organization. Please
limit your pictures solely to magazine photos. Be creative and have fun! Time will be
given in class to work on this project. If it is not finished, you will need to complete it for
homework. Glue sticks, markers, scissors and paper will be provided. This project is
worth 100 points. Fifty points will be given for the correct vocabulary definition and 50
points for each picture, enhanced and accurately displayed.
Terms/ phrases
Acute angles
Adjacent angles
Angle bisector
Coordinate plane
Coplaner points
Equilateral Triangles
Linear pair
Obtuse angle
Opposite rays
Parallel lines
Perpendicular lines
Right Angle
Scalene Triangle
Segment bisector
Straight angle
Supplementary angles
Vertical angles
Complementary Angles
Corresponding angles
Isosceles Triangles
Sides of an angle
Vertex of an angle