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Evaluation and Management of the
Sexually Assaulted or Sexually Abused Patient
Example Questions
For the older child or adolescent, questions can be more specific.
Obtain date and time of assault.
Last consensual sexual content if within the last five days.
Oral, breast, rectal, or genital contact or penetration.
Ask about ejaculation and bathing, brushing teeth, urinating,
defecating, douching, changing clothes since assault, and saving
clothes or bedding.
Obtain menstrual history and whether patient is sexually active and/
or uses contraceptives.
Were any lubricants or a condom used?
Conclude the interview.
Tell the child he/she did a good job and that it was good that he/she
told so we can help.
Assure them that they are not in trouble.
Document; we prefer videotape to capture the child’s expression
and demonstrations.
Document questions asked and answers given.
Explain the examination.
Now I’m going to do a checkup.
Ask the child during the examination to show you what they told
you happened.
Listen to your heart and lungs and feel your tummy and to look at your
private parts to make sure they are OK.
If there was no disclosure, ask if anyone has hurt or touched the
genital or anal parts being examined.
Conclude by reassuring child that his/her body is OK.
Try to record exact words, phrases, and emotional reactions.
Reinforce the doctor/patient relationship by clearly stating your
role as the treating physician and not as an advocate of law
enforcement or prosecution
Sexual Abuse Forensic Medical Report
Adapted from Forensic Medical Report: Suspected Child/Adolescent Sexual Abuse, State of California, Office of Criminal Justice
Planning – OCJP 925
Patient Demographic Information
Name of patient
Date of birth
Patient ID number
Address Gender
Date/time of arrival
Date/time of examination
Telephone number Date/time of discharge
Presence of interpreter?
If yes, Name _______________
Language _________________
Reporting and Authorization
Telephone report made to:
Name, agency ID number (if applicable), and telephone number of law enforcement and/or child
protective services
Responding personnel to medical facility:
Name, agency ID number (if applicable), and telephone number of law enforcement and/or child
protective services
Authorization for examination from requesting law enforcement agency, if required:
Name, ID number, and agency of law enforcement officer
Evaluation and Management of the Sexually Assaulted or Sexually Abused Patient | ACEP
Consent For Examination By Patient/Parent/Guardian (Module—Your State/Local Laws)
Parental consent may not be required in some states; check your state family code
History of Encounter (Module—Pediatric/Adolescent Patient)
Provide the time frame
Document if there were multiple incidents over time
Describe the incident using patient’s own words; identify historian as child or other adult accompanying child,
(please put statement in direct quotes as applicable)
For acts described by other historians:
Provide name of historian, relationship to patient, and telephone number
Provide a detailed history of encounter (denote whether a penis, finger, or other object was used)
Describe perpetrator (name of perpetrator, identifying features, tattoos, moles, birthmarks, number of
assailants, ethnicity of assailant
Vulvar penetration/contact
Anal penetration/contact
Oral penetration/contact to genitals (not object or finger)
Oral copulation of genitals
Oral copulation of anus
Anal/genital fondling
Did ejaculation occur (if so, where?)
Was lubricant or jelly used?
Was a condom used?
Did you bite? Were you bitten?
Fondling, kissing, licking, biting, suction injuries?
Was force or threat(s) used? (Describe)
Were pictures or videotapes taken or shown?
Please describe other acts not otherwise listed
Elaborate on patient’s description of symptoms of pain or bleeding
Describe demeanor of patient or emotional response while taking the history
Clothing worn during the event, state of clothing (wet, soiled, stains)
Ask about post-assault hygiene activity; document if the patient:
Urinated Gargled/brushed teeth
Defecated Smoked
Vomited Ate/drank
Douched Chewed gum
Removed/inserted tampon Changed clothes
Took medication
Bathed/showered Wiped/cleaned genital area
Medical History Pertinent to the Encounter
Document from whom the history was taken
Relate pertinent prior surgeries, diagnostic procedures, medical treatment and anogenital injuries
Provide history of other physical or sexual abuse incident(s)
Provide history of recent or current medication(s) and contraceptives
Describe other sexual activities by adolescent only (provide details of the activity)
Age of menarche and date of last menstrual period
Symptoms disclosed by patient
Abdominal pelvic pain
Pain on urination
Genital discomfort or pain
Genital itching
Rectal discomfort or pain
Rectal itching
Rectal bleeding
Pediatric/Adolescent Patient Sexual Assault Examination