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Respond to each with as much detail as possible; using both verbal and mathematical explanations.
1. How does the Law of Conservation of Energy relate to a burning match?
Three children exhaust themselves trying to push a large rock that doesn’t budge. Have they
done any work? Why?
Explain why things fall forward when the driver of a car slams on the brakes?
Explain the importance of running both an experimental setup and a control setup in an experiment.
5. Describe the kinetic – potential energy conversions that occur when you bounce a basketball.
6. Discuss why most of the circuits in your house are connected in parallel. What does it mean to say
that light can be modeled as a wave and a particle.
7. How does a line graph indicate direct and inverse relationships? Why?
8. Describe the relationship of acceleration to velocity.
9. All things are moved by forces. Distinguish between the 2nd law equation and impulse that use F to
show motion of objects.
10. The coefficient of friction is a ratio that shows…
11. Diagram a force diagram that shows an object of 250 kg moving on the horizontal and at a constant
speed by an applied force of 870 N.
12. Electrical current is determined by what mathematical relationship of voltage and resistance?
13. When would a direct current be useful? Why? Give two examples.
14. The electromagnetic spectrum includes visible light. Identify 3 other spectral frequencies and describe
how we may use them.
15. How are work and power related?
16. What are the two ways in which mechanical advantage may be expressed?
17. Sig figs are based on rules. List them and give an example of each.
18. What the things you must do to get full credit on solving problems?
19. Why do speakers vibrate?
20. You come up with some questions …all topics may not have been included here