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Physical Geology - Geology 101
Some Fundamental Questions - Planet Earth and Plate Tectonics
1. Compared to other planets in the solar system how is the Earth different? Why?
2. What layer of the Earth's interior is most significant for Earth dynamics? How and why
are they important?
3. What are the three main differences between continental and oceanic crust, and what
are the factors that control these differences?
4. Paleomagnetism can be used as a tool to answer many different types of geologic
questions. Explain how paleomagnetism is useful in understanding plate tectonics and
continental drift.
5. Describe the three types of plate boundaries. Give an example of each. Can tyou draw a
simplified cross-section of each?
6. What is the difference between absolute and relative plate motion? Give an example of
geologists determine each. Why is it important to understand both absolute and relative
plate motions?
7. What types of geologic structures would form in an extensional environment, and in a
compressive environment?