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Study Guide for Units 1-3
Revenge of the Nerds
______________ Founder and Creator of Microsoft?
___________ and __________ What is the name of the operating system Linus Trovalds invented and price he
_______________________ Who developed JAVA software
__________________ Who Developed the first computer compiler: FLOW-MATIC?
______________________________________________ What does HTML stand for?
Big BUCK Companies
_________________ and _______________ Who were the creators of Yahoo?
________________and ________________Who were the founders of Apple?
_______________ Who was instrumental in the creation of the PDA?
______________________ Who were the inventors of the typewriter?
________________ Who was the founder of Intel?
Geeky Gadgets
_______________________ What was the name of the first video game?
____________ What is the device called which allows one computer to connect to another computer over
telephone lines?
____________ ______________ _______________ What does PDA stand for?
________________________ Another name for a microchip-made of semiconductors?
____________________ Who was called the Father of the Internet?
Tech Terms
_________________ What is the most common type of connection computers use in a local area network?
__________________ What is a continuous signal that transmits information?
____________________ What is a wire used to connect some computers to the Internet?
___________________ What is the main window where frequently used icons and files are placed?
____________________ What is a large collection of organized and stored information?
Their History
_______________________ What was the name of Charles Babbage innovative machine that embodied many
of the principals of the modern computer?
____________________ What is the address of the urban legend debunking website?
____________ _______________ What bug did Grace Murray Hopper in the UNIVAC and where did she
find it?
________________________What was the prediction that said the number of transistors on a chip will double
every two years called?
______________________ Who wrote descriptions for Charles Babbage’s Machine?
_________________ What is burning copies of a movie, selling copies of games, and downloading music w/o
______________________ What is to give the creator exclusive rights to protect their work from plagiarism?
___________________________________ What are making copies, selling their work, publicly performing
and displaying their work?
_____________________________________ What are jail time and large fines?
______________________ What is to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one's own?
Bonus: name the 4 things that should be included when citing a website source in your power point?
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Careers, Ethics, History of Computers