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Science Homework- Our Star, The Sun Study Card
Make a study card that contains the vocabulary words listed below. Copy the words
and definitions exactly. Also draw a picture of how the Earth orbits the sun.
Color Group
Our Star, The Sun
star: a large sphere of glowing, burning gas. Our sun is the closest star to
planet: an object orbiting a star that is large enough to be made round by
its own gravity. Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.
orbit: the curved path of a planet or object in space as it travels around
another object.
Your card should…
 Have your name, homeroom, and color group in the top right corner
 Have all vocabulary words listed above spelled correctly
 Be neat, well organized, and easy to read
 Look like you used a ruler to help you if you drew any lines
 Have the C.O.P.S – proper capitalization, organization, punctuation, and