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Guided Reading Chapter 7.2 Chinese Ming Dynasty
Answer the following questions while reading p. 238-241.
1. Define the following terms as they apply to this time period.
2. Identify Hong Wu.
3. For each of the following items, explain how they were used by the Ming Dynasty to create peace
and stability.
New law codes
Reorganized tax system
Reforming local governments
4. What did the Chinese government do under Ming rule to rebuild Northern China after it had been
devastated by nomadic invaders?
5. Describe three things the Ming dynasty contributed to Chinese exploration.
What would Zheng He do if a nation refused to pay tribute to the emperor of China?
What would the rulers get if they did pay tribute to the emperor?
6. Describe three reasons later Ming emperors ended exploration?
7. What was the Forbidden City?
8. How long did the Ming Dynasty last?
9. Describe three things that led to the decline of the Ming Dynasty.