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Unit 4 Vocabulary Words
Learning Target: I can match vocabulary terms with the
correct definition.
10. _Federal Government____- Another name for a
national government.
1. __Equal Opportunity__- The right to not be
discriminated against because of race, gender, religion,
age, or disability.
11. _____Bill of Rights___- Lists specific freedoms
guaranteed to every U.S. citizen.
2. _citizenship_____- Combination of the duties and
rights of a citizen.
3. _Political Process__- Legal activities through which
citizens can change public policy.
4. __Democracy___- Government receives its power
directly from the people.
5. __Patriotism___- Citizens love for their country.
6. __Republic__- People rule through elected
7. _Limited Government___- This type of
government is where people, even those in charge, must
obey the rules. They have only have certain powers.
8. __Constitutional Amendment__- A change or
addition to the Constitution.
9. __U.S. Constitution___- The foundation for all
laws and the framework for the U.S. government.
12. _Unlimited Government__- This type of
government is where leaders have almost total power
13. __Natural Resources___- Raw materials used to
make goods. Examples include land, water, forests,
minerals, soil, and climate.
14. __Capital Resources____- Machines, factories,
and supplies are needed.
15. _Factors of Production_____- The ingredients,
or elements, needed for production to occur.
16. _____Labor Resources____- Workers are needed
with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and experience to
make goods or provide services.
17. ___Entrepreneurs___- The people who bring
natural resources, labor resources, and capital resources
together to produce goods and services. They take a risk
at opening a business. Succeed or Fail.
18. ___Gross Domestic Product___- Also stands for
GDP. This tells the total values of goods and services that
a country produces each year.
19. ______Profit__- Money that remains after all the
costs of producing a product have been paid.
20. ___Market Economy____- An economy that
allows business owners to compete in the market with
little government interference.
21. _Consumers__- The people who use goods and
22. __Competition___- The rivalry among businesses
to sell goods to consumer and make the greatest profit.
23. __Values___- The principles and ideals by which
people live.
24. __Globalization___- Spreading around the world.
25. ___technology__- tools or equipment that apply
new knowledge in practical ways.
Vocabulary Words
natural resources
equal opportunity
Limited government
Federal government
U.S. Constitution
capital resources
Gross Domestic Product
labor resources
factors of production
free enterprise/market economy
Bill of Rights
Constitutional Amendment
Unlimited government
political process