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In submitting my registration I agree (OK) to each of the following:
* to complete and return the stitching within 6 months
of receiving my kit, If this is not possible I agree to
notify organizers of my need for extended time, and
specify a target date.
If you find yourself unable to continue the
project, please notify the organizers
ASAP, so that the portion may be
* to pay for the kit through Paypal.
You will receive a personalized invoice
and need not subscribe to Paypal in order
to make your payment.
* to donate my finished panel to become part of the
completed scroll.
Individual panels will be stitched together
to create a magnificent whole. If you wish,
scan or photograph your panel before
sending it.
* to grant use of my completed work and supporting
materials to the organizers for exhibition and
educational purposes.
We are keenly interested in anecdotal
information about your experiences in
creating your panel. These may be edited
and used in an electronic and/or printed
* to treat the materials and text with respect
* to follow the gridded design of the lettering
accurately. If the finished panel has mistakes I
understand that these will be corrected by another
stitcher before the work is shown publicly.
* to use only the aida cloth and embroidery floss
supplied. If I need more black floss I will purchase
DMC colour#310 on my own or from the organizers.
This will ensure quality and uniformity in
the assembled scroll.
* to log and report the hours spent on this project,
including any time taking out and restitching.
We hope to establish a project website or
blog so that we can follow progress on our
venture and share information and ideas
among our community of stitchers.
* to provide a photo of myself working on the project.
* to subscribe to the Mail Chimp “torahstitchbystitch”
group so that I can receive information by email, using
this link:
This ensures that email will reach your
personal inbox, and not be directed to junk
or spam.
* to reply to communication from organizers as
needed and to use my assigned registration #.
Required responses will be kept to a
minimum. Your registration # is needed in
order to add your information to the data
for further consideration, and entirely optional:
I may wish to complete my panel with up to three
additional stitchers, whose names and email
addresses I will relay to the organizers ASAP.
We want everyone who has a hand in this
project to be recognized.
Although each of the four verses in my section is
dedicated to one of the Biblical matriarchs – Sarah,
Rebecca, Rachel and Leah – I may also wish to
honour up to four other people. I will relay their
names to the organizers.
Please tell us whom you are honouring
and – if you wish – a bit about that person.
I would like some hands-on assistance getting started.
I'm interested in being part of a group that will meet
several times to stitch together.
We'll try our best to facilitate these
requests. Hopefully coaches and groups
will organize themselves. Like many textile
pursuits this project and its participants
may find camaraderie and even enduring
friendships by stitching with others.
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Date: year/month/day
Looking forward to this remarkable adventure together!