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Metro Project Design and Development of Evaluation System
Ya-dong Fang1, Zhong Du 2
Electro-mechanical Engineering College Xi’an Technological University,Xi’an, China
Abstract -The subway project decision system is based
on analysis and design. This paper introduces the key
technologies of the system such as distributing component
technology, JavaScript Scripting techniques and CSS
technology. Then after the above works, it analyzes feature
tree of the system and discusses the system architecture of
the system; It focuses on the implementation environment of
the system from the client, server-side software and
hardware and introduces the key page of the system finally.
Keywords - feature tree, key technologies, subway
project, system architecture
The iron construction project has a significant impact
on the national economy, the cost of subway construction
is higher, technical difficulty is more serious and the
construction period is longer. It is very difficult for their
retransformation and reconstruction due to the complex
geology, hydrology and urban forest of the built
environment . So it has a very strong irreversibility.
This determines the seriousness and rigor of the metro
project decision-making. Underground space has once
developed, stratigraphic architecture had not recovered.
The built underground structures will impact the
development of the Neighboring regions, so subway
construction must be under the guidance of a scientific
theory and method system which contains rational
planning, scientific decision-making, management and
comprehensive utilization.
For the metro project decision-making evaluation, it
can be combined with the analytic hierarchy process and
fuzzy mathematical theory to build a subway project
decision-making model. On the basis of the analytic
hierarchy process and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
model building process, it studies the general steps and
Fuzzy operation principle of Fuzzy comprehensive
assessment and determines the multilevel fuzzy model.
Finally it verifies the fuzzy decision problem of the metro
project by some examples. It realizes the subway project
of distributed and collaborative decision-making
evaluation of network environment to verify the Scientific
and effective of multilevel fuzzy evaluation of subway
[ 2]
System business is divided into decision-making
project management, project bidding management, project
management and systems management four functional
modules, also a system administrator, space, project
administrator space, bidding enterprise space and user
[ 3]
, as detailed below:
(1) Space of the system administrator
The system administrator space included modules
are: tender business management, common user
management and bulletin boards. Bidding enterprise
management and user management verify the delete and
query features of the bidding enterprises; Bulletin board
management module includes: display of notice and
notice to add, delete and change.
(2) Space of project managers
The functional modules of dominant enterprise space
including: Project management, information management
of the bulletin board, the fuzzy decision of the metro
project and the bidding enterprises gray choice. Project
management is used to create, modify, delete and publish
functions; Bulletin board information management
includes bidding information management, announcement
information management as well as successful results
announced. Metro project fuzzy decision-making module
adopting expert evaluation method and using fuzzy
mathematical theory determine the subway project is or
not. Gray selection module of bidding enterprise basing
on the gray relational theory completes the project
evaluation work
[ 4]
(3) Tender enterprise space
Tender enterprise space contains bulletin board
information management and project bidding. Bulletin
board information management includes the bidding
information management, the publication of the
announcement information management and the
successful results
[ 5]
(4) User-space
The functional module of ordinary user-space
includes tender enterprises as well as bulletin board
information management. Bulletin board information
management include: the announcement of the successful
result and bidding information management.
decision class), and database operation Bean includes the
subway project decision
system administrator
project managers space
tender enterprise space
bulletin board
information management
tender business management
project management
common user management
information management of
the bulletin board
project bidding
tender enterprises
bulletin board
information management
the fuzzy decision of the
metro project
bulletin boards
the bidding enterprises
gray choice
4.2 JavaScript scripting technology
Fig. 1. Diagram of system function
application layer
user login
project management
gray choice
fuzzy decision
system administrate
Web application server
CGI,API,JSP,Java servlet,Java
HTML file
XML file
data service layer
project evaluation database
Fig. 2. System architecture diagram
At present, Corporate MIS system development has
been a large number of Web Server technology stage.
Generally it is classified into File/Server, Client/Server
and Browser/Server. The overall structure of the system
adopts B / S mode
, Shown in Figure 2.
The metro project decision-making evaluation
system is based on Java technology, which follows the
J2EE specification. It mainly achieves system dynamic
page design by the JSP and business (such as server-side
database operations and the gray relational algorithm, etc.)
by Java Bean. JavaScript mainly achieves data constraints
(such as the control of the system login page, selecting the
form action page is processed, etc.), CSS (Cascading
Style Sheet) mainly achieves beautification of the page
and its page style modular
attributes and operations shown in Figure 3 . It contains
Java Lang, and java.ql. The Java Bean named
database operate class in the database operate bag. The
class database operate () indicates its constructor. Delete
() indicate the ways to delete data, execute Query ()
indicates the method to query the database, Insert ()
indicates to insert the database, Update () operates to
update the database.
4.1 Distributed component technology
Decision-making selection system of the metro
project uses the Java Bean component technology to deal
with the critical business. it achieves the client and serverside information exchange by the JSP dynamic page
technology. Including in database operations bean (data
operation. class), gray associated with bean (Grey relation
class) and project fuzzy decision-making bean (fuzzy
JavaScript is a scripting language based on the object
and event-driven and it contains the safety of
performance. JavaScript can make the vivid web pages.
Its purpose is to multiple objects in a web with HTML
and Java scripting language and link with the network
client, which can develop client applications. It is
achieved by the standard HTML language
. The
judgment of the data type and format in the system are
implemented by JavaScript. JavaScript application
reflects the two aspects: dealing with the button action
and checking data. Some common functions such as edit
Project Mgr () indicates to modify the project information,
confirm Del () indicates whether the write-off, Del ()
indicates to cancel . The code of canceling as follows:
function confirm Del(){
if(confirm("weather log off?")==true)
function Del(){
var length = document.main.elements.length
var chxindex
var setItemsString
for (var i=(length-1); i>=0; i--){
chxindex =
if (chxindex != -1){
if (document.main.elements[i].checked){
if (setItemsString == "")
setItemsString =
document.main.elements[i].name.substring(chxindex +
setItemsString = setItemsString + "," +
document.main.elements[i].name.substring(chxindex +
if (setItemsString != ""){
self.location="delEquipment.jsp?" + setItemsString
window.alert("please select the deleting project");
The project interface has Web style,the interaction
between user and system is achieved by Web
,so the
system as follows:
(1) Inputting information is as little as possible.
(2) Interface is clear and concise.
(3) The user can easily input information through the
keyboard or mouse.
(4) User seeing the output interface is intuitive and
understanding easily.
In the system design and implementation process, it
achieves the design of the JSP page though Dream
Weaver 、 Edit plus. Java Beans is achieved by
Jbuilder10. The one of typical pages is Fig.4.
Fig.3. Database operation Bean
Fig. 4. decision page of the project
It analysis the key technologies of the subway
project system, and introduces the function tree of the
system and software which achieves the system and
describes the environment of achieving system from the
client, server-side software and hardware. Finally, the key
page is given.
The research work is supported by Shaanxi
Provincial Programs for Technology Research and
Development under Grant No.2010K01-076, namely “The
Manufacturing Execution System”. It is also supported by
Shan Xi 13115 Technology Innovation Program under
Grant No. 2010FWPT-05, namely “Technological
Innovation Public Service Platform for SME aggregation
industry”. Finally, it is supported
The metro
by Shaanxi
project system
select the Web st
programs for scientific research project under Grant No.
12JK0665, namely “The key technologies research of
parametric parts library system across platform based on
Web ”.
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