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Overview of Part I, CMSC5707
Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
KH Wong (6 weeks)
• Audio signal processing
– Signals in time & frequency domains
– Audio feature extraction techniques
Time/Frequency domain
Linear predicted coding
Vector quantization
Cepstral coefficients
– Recognition Procedures
– Music pitch estimation
• Face detection
– Detection using a classification method :Adaboost
– Face detection example
using Adaboost
Overview of CMSC5707
A.I. techniques in this course
• Features from sound
• Vector quantization
– Can be used in many different applications
• Dynamic program
– Can be used for speech recognition and many applications
• Pitch extraction for music signal analysis
– Can be used for building music recommendation system,
music data base analysis
• Face detection
– AdaBoost– a classification technique, can be used in many
A.I. fields.
– Artificial Neural networks
Overview of CMSC5707
Course Outline (6 Weeks)
for Professor K.S. Leung
Introduction to Expert System
Introduction to Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Expert Systems & Shell
Inference Engine
Linguistic Approximation
Fuzzy Query (Databases)
Fuzzy Control
Introduction to Genetic algorithm