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2010 Live Your Dream Planning Committee
December 9, 2009
Phood On Main – 11:00 a.m.
Members Present: Amy Boyd, Chris Deviny, Susan Gyi, Carolyn Kegrice, Jeanne Holmes
Speakers/Panelists – There was discussion regarding the status of our speakers.
Because we are having trouble filling the Performing & Visual Arts sessions, so the
committee decided to combine the two sessions. Then Veronica called and told the
committee that she has secured an actor, so we will leave the two sessions separate as
originally planned. For the Performing Arts session we have Claudine Little (Grammy’s)
and Marcie (Actress). Chris will contact Fox Theater to see if we can find a female
Director. For the Visual Arts session we have confirmed Katy Betz (Artist) and Barbara
Contreras (FIDM). Chris has contacted Inland Empire Magazine to see if we can get a
female reporter or photographer. Amy Boyd will moderate that panel rather than Jeanne.
Susan said the Finance & Technology panelists are all confirmed. She is going to ask
Pamela Thompson to moderate that session again. Susan is going to ask Michelle
Rainer to moderate the Medical & Science session, which will put Dr. Milton back as a
panelist. Susan has contacted an astrophysics woman (Gabriela) from UCR about being
on that panel. We still would like to have a female vet if possible for this panel. Chris said
that she could contact a female psychologist. It was suggested that we add to the
Entrepreneurship session title. The committee decided to rename the session to
Entrepreneurship (How to Write a Business Plan). The Inland Empire Women’s
Business Center has offered to have Rachael participate on this panel. The committee
decided that two people on this panel should be sufficient. Rachael would bring business
plan materials that could be handed out to the girls.
Budget – Amy will have a year-to-date budget and email it to everyone. The committee
expressed a desire to keep up-to-date on the budget.
Gifts – We have a MP3 player, Jeanne has purchased some gifts, and we will give the
panelists/speakers gift cards again.
Goodies for the Bags – Carolyn is checking on getting some candy. Claudine will
provide us with CD’s from the Grammy’s again.
Journals – Amy talked about the journals. We should be able to have a sample for our
January meeting. We will put the program in the journal and a photo and bio of each
Backpacks – Carolyn and Chris both expressed concerns about the backpacks and the
costs for this item. It is something that we need to talk about at our January meeting
when Veronica is planning to bring a sample backpack(s) for the committee to see. We
may need to evaluate whether or not it is feasible within our budget to do backpacks.
Schools – Ellen and Jeanne are going to meet with Dr. Wendel Tucker, Superintendent
of Alvord USD on December 17th. They are meeting with Elliott Duchon, Superintendent
of Jurupa USD on January 7th. Jeanne has contact Janet Downey from Riverside USD.
They have a new Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. Janet is going to email
her boss regarding setting up a meeting with RUSD.