Download Macbeth Homework Questions - Act 4, Scenes 1-2

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World Literature and Composition
Macbeth Homework Questions – Act 4, Scenes 1-2
Answer the questions below. For each answer, use at least three specific
examples from the story with page numbers and line numbers.
1. What are the Witches doing at the beginning of Act 4?
2. What are the three statements made by the Apparitions? What is the
symbolic purpose of each prophecy the Apparitions state in the play?
What interpretation can be drawn from the way each is dressed? Do you
feel there is a hidden meaning? Cite examples from Act 4.
3. What does Lady Macduff say is the reason for her husband leaving? What
does Lady Macduff tell her son about his father? How does he respond to
4. Act 4, Scene 2 is the only scene in which Lady Macduff appears. Why do
you think Shakespeare chose to have the murder in the scene instead of
having it merely reported, as with Duncan’s murder?