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(This matrix was devised by Ralph Pirozzo in 1997)
UNIT OF STUDY: “Macbeth” by W.Shakespeare
Seven ways
to be smart
I enjoy reading,
writing &
I enjoy working
with numbers &
Stage 5
Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
List 10 adjectives and
supporting quotes that
describe Macbeth’s
character (character
Convert Lady Macbeth’s
“unsex me” speech in Act
1 Scene 5 into modern
day language
Write Banquo’s horoscope
for shortly before the play
begins. Refer to: witches/
friends /crown/families
/crowns and thrones/ horse
riding /banquets
Write an essay that
examines the deterioration
of Macbeth from loyal
and heroic warrior to a
blood thirsty madman
Write a story set in modern
times about someone who,
on reading a magazine
horoscope prediction, sets
about making it come true.
The main character in your
story can use foul or fair
means to achieve their ends.
Prepare to be “hot seated”
as a character from the play.
Ensure you will be able to
answer questions regarding
your thoughts, feelings,
motivations, relationships
with other characters etc.
Research task 1 (4 weeks)
Imagine you are Macduff fleeing from the terror of Macbeth’s reign in Scotland.
Your mission is to get to Malcolm in England as quickly as possible. Refer to a
detailed map
(with a scale) of the United Kingdom and plot your route. Remember you only have
horses available to you as a means of transport and you will need to stop for
breaks for both
yourself and your horses. Prepare a report to deliver to Malcolm explaining how
long your journey took, how much it cost you (in a relevant currency). For this
task you need to
research several things: speed of horses / distance between places in U.K./ the
difficulty of the terrain/ etc.
I enjoy painting
drawing &
I enjoy doing
Look at a selection of
pictures (provided by
the teacher) and place
them in chronological
order according to
where they happen in
the play.
In a group, build a
tableau for the scene
where Macduff
discovers Duncan’s
Create a collage of
photographs from
magazines and arrange
them on A3 paper to show
relationships between
Construct a stage plan for Duncan’s murder
Build a model of an
Elizabethan theatre
Assignment 2 (5 weeks)
Create a multi media presentation (use Mediator / Director / PowerPoint) for any
scene in the play that deals with the
themes of either: deception or good and evil or guilt and conscience or ambition
or fate. As part of this presentation, you
need to create appropriate voices for the characters, relevant background music
/ sound effects and historically accurate
pictures. Present to the class using the data projector. You need to be able to
explain to the class why you have chosen
the images and effects and what theme your presentation is illustrating.
Learn a song about
Find a contemporary song
that deals with the theme
of fate. Outline the
message of the song and
compare it to fate in the
In pairs select a scene
from the play that
involves two characters.
Prepare a short reading
whereby you use tone,
pitch, volume and pace to
demonstrate your
Think about the following
quote and answer the
question below.
“Macbeth is a study of the
way in which power can
corrupt the individual. It
is a compelling account of
one man’s descent into
evil.” Discuss your own
view at length.
Create music (use any instrument you like) to set the
mood for:
a) The murder of Duncan
b) The banquet scene
I enjoy making &
listening to music
I enjoy working
with others
I enjoy working
by myself
Examine the quote
cards. In your groups
a) Who said it
b) When it was
Find five references to
blood in the play.
Assignment 2
Assignment 2
Compare your stage plan to that presented on the video
Pretend you are Macbeth’s servant and write a letter to
your family discussing the murders at Glamis and other
strange events. Discuss also what your plans are
regarding leaving the Macbeths.
Reply to another student’s letter explaining what you
think they should do and what your view of events at
Glamis is.
Complete the Scottish
Contrast Banquo and
doctor’s private and
Macbeth. What themes do
personal medical notes on
they represent? Write a
the illness of Lady Macbeth diary entry for each
after his visit to her
character based on events
chamber in Act 5 Scene 1.
in any scenes of the play
* Remember his diagnosis
where they both play an
to Macbeth and his parting
important role.
Assignment 2
Invent a rap song to be sung
by the witches in Act 3
Scene 4
In “Macbeth”, the characters often say one thing but mean
another. Both metaphorically and literally, a lot of
backstabbing takes place. In a group, plan and act out any
scene that fits this description well. After each delivery, the
characters turn to the audience and say what their real
intentions are and how they really feel at that moment.
Devise an extra scene
between Lady Macbeth and
Lady Macduff where they
talk abut: recent events /
their husbands / the murder
of Duncan / the
disappearance of Banquo /
Macbeth’s apparent illness
and strange behaviour / the
disappearance of Macduff /
Lady Macbeth’s ascension
to the throne / the common,
everyday problems of
running a castle and a
Search and find information
about the real historical
Banquo (some experts say
he was an accomplice in the
murder of Duncan). How do
the character and actions of
the historical Banquo
compare with those of
Shakespeare’s Banquo? Try
to explain Shakespeare’s
treatment of the character in
terms of the play.
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