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Spelling Assignments
Pretest: Take a pretest, and for each word missed, write it three times. Have a parent
sign this assignment.
Creative story: Use at least 10 words from your list, write a creative story. Be sure to
underline the spelling word. Be a super student and use all 20!
Color vowels: Using different colors, create a key for each vowel. Write
your spelling words once in pencil and then in a separate column, write
them again with color vowels.
Word search: Using your word list, create a word search and answer key. You can use
graph paper or
Illustrations: Using your word list make a quick draw for each word or incorporate all of
your words into a comic strip.
ABC-ZYX order: Make two columns for your words. Write the words first in ABC order,
and then in the second column write them in ZYX order.
Syllables: Make two columns for your words. Write all the words in the first column and
then in the second column, write them broken down by syllables. Use a dictionary to help
Secret Code: Using the numbers 1-26 assign each letter of the alphabet a number. Write
your words in your code; create an answer key on the back.
Triple Time: Write each word neatly 3 times.
Bubble Words: Make two columns. Write your words once in the first column and then a
second time in bubble or block letters.
Forward and Backwards: Make two columns. Write your words in the first column and
then write them backwards in the second column (sdrawkcab).
Computer: Type each word in a different font.
Ladder Words: Choose 10 words from your list that you think are difficult to spell and
write each spelling word as shown below:
Example: exit