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0708 AP World History – Ch. 5 and 6 Study Guide and Quiz Corrections
16. Explain Zoroastrianism.
Ch. 5
1. What were the major social classes in ancient Iran?
2. a. Explain the Persian governmental administrative system.
b. How centralized was it compared to the Neo-Assyrians?
3. How did geography and environment affect Greek development?
4. Explain the Greek Dark Age and the Archaic Period in Greece.
5. The Greek concept of democracy included political participation of
a. both men and women.
b. a council of priests.
c. all free, native-born, adult males.
d. military officers only.
e. participating political participants
6. Summarize the Greek belief system and worship norms.
7. Compare Athens with Sparta.
8. Describe marriage in ancient Greece.
9. a. What methods did Alexander the Great use to control his vast empire?
b. What happened to his empire when he died?
10. What was the “Hellenistic Age”? What was its impact?
11. Explain Zoroastrianism and the impact it had in Persia.
12. Compare and contrast Persia and Greece.
12. Write a quick GREECE theme chart describing 2 things one should know about Greece’s politics,
economics, cultures, environmental interactions and social transformations
Ch. 6 Quiz Study Questions
1. Compare slavery in Rome to slavery in Han China.
2. Compare the role of women in Rome to the role of women in Han China.
3. a. Explain the governmental “gentry” system that developed during the Han dynasty.
b. Compare the Han government with the various Roman governments.
4. How did Confucianism affect China, its governmental structure, and attutudes towards leaders? How was
this different than in Rome?
a. List other things both Rome and Han China had in common.
b. List other differences between Rome and Han China.
6. According to historians, what was some of the possible reasons for Roman expansion?
7. Explain the methods the Qin Dynasty used to unify China and support its state.
8. Describe some of Rome’s cultural legacies (cultural aspects that outlived the Roman Empire).
9. Describe Roman foreign policy.
10. What was the Pax Romana? What was the role of Augustus in this?
a. How did urban life differ from rural life in Rome?
b. Decribe the rich vs. poor gap in urban settings.
Describe Roman technological advancements.
Explain the rise and role of Christianity in the Roman Empire.
Why did the Qin try to eliminate primogeniture, eliminate slavery, and try to standardize coinage,
writing etc.?
Describe the Han technological advancements.
Compare the decline of the Han Empire with the Roman Empire.