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Perseus: Lesson 4
Lesson Summary
Pupils plot the structure of a chapter’s events on a timeline, linking the events to problem,
solution, complication and resolution. They order the paragraphs, using connectives and
adverbial openers to move the story along.
Learning Objectives
To identify the main text structure of a myth: a problem to be overcome, a solution and a complication and the
final resolution of the problem.
To understand how text is organised into paragraphs, using different paragraph connectives
Interactive Resources
Highlighter – Medusa
Event Timeline - Blank
Event Timeline - Medusa
Cut and Order
Learning Outcomes
I can plot the text structure of a chapter of a story
I can use appropriate adverbial phrases to open paragraphs
Perseus Myth: Lesson 4
Ask the pupils to quickly recap the story so far to include tricking the Graeae and meeting the Nymphs. Do this
as a carousel.
Point out that throughout the whole narrative, Perseus has had to solve lots of problems along the way (i.e.
finding and dealing with the Graeae and the Nymphs on the way to kill Medusa). Each episode usually has its
own ups and downs – what effect does this have on the reader? (You might want to compare to TV
programmes, particularly soap operas or children’s drama series, or books pupils have read.)
Look at the text in Highlighter - Medusa at the IWB. Highlight sections of the story in terms of ‘Good News’ /
‘Bad News’ to engage pupils in the ups and downs of Perseus’ fortunes! Use Event Timeline - Medusa sheet
as reference.
Identify the connectives or adverbial openers which link each part of the adventure, and begin a list for later
use. Discuss how they help the story flow. Compare to having each sentence start ‘Perseus did this; Then
Perseus did that’ etc.
Main Learning Activity
Tell pupils they are going to sort out a mixed up version of the next part of the story and find good connecting
phrases or words. Give pupils the Cut and Order worksheet, telling the next part of the story (where Perseus
finds Andromeda chained to a rock).
The paragraphs have been mixed up and they must read closely to decide on the right order. When they have
the paragraphs in the right order, they must link the paragraphs by adding connectives / adverbial openers.
Pupils should move on to complete the Event Timeline, starting with the problem, ‘Perseus wants to rescue the
beautiful maiden, but she is tied to a rock.’
Ask for volunteers to read the story out in the right order of paragraphs.
Did all pupils come up with the same connectives/adverbial openers?