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Creative Arts East, Griffin Court, 6 Market Street,
Wymondham, NR18 0GU
: 01953 713390
Media Release
City College Students Present
Professional Comedian
Kevin Tomlinson
Internationally acclaimed comedian Kevin Tomlinson comes to City College Norwich on
Thursday 25 Feb 2010 with his fabulously entertaining view on life, ‘Seven Ages’.
Most of us go through seven stages in life – according to William Shakespeare in As You Like
It – infancy, childhood, lover, soldier, wisdom, retirement and old age. Using this as his
starting point, Kevin takes true stories from his own life and that of his audience and explores
the Seven Ages of life “idea”, via the use of masks and improvisation.
Part comedy, part serious theatre, the show explores two of the most important questions you
can ever ask yourself such as; “Why am I here?” and “What’s important in my life?”
Having performed all over the world – New Zealand, America, Canada and Hawaii, Kevin is
fast becoming internationally renowned for his unique and exciting performance style, which
involves the use of comic half masks and spontaneous improvisation.
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Notes to Editors:
1) Seven Ages by Kevin Tomlinson
Thursday 25 Feb 2010. Performing ‘Seven Ages’
City College Norwich, Drama Centre, NR2 2LJ
Bookings: 01603 773582
Tickets: Adults £6.50, Concessions £4.50
2) Free theatre tickets are available to young people age 12 – 25 as part of Arts Council
England’s A Night Less Ordinary campaign. For further details contact Creative Arts
East or telephone 01953 713390.
3) Creative Arts East is an arts development charity and was founded in 1994 to take
high quality theatre and music into rural and disadvantaged communities. For further
information visit or contact Lizzie Meadows on 01953
4) Bright Sparks! Creative Arts East has been awarded Arts Council funding of £90,000
to set up and develop a youth promoting network. This is called Bright Sparks! For the
next 3 years, Creative Arts East will recruit and support 8 groups a year to promote
over 40 professional arts performances. By 2012 our goal is to work with up to 20
groups across Norfolk and North Suffolk and together we aim to arrange a coordinated
programme of events linked in 2012 celebrations. For further information on Bright
Sparks! please contact Beverley Bishop on 01953 713394