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Department of Theatre and Dance
Montclair State University
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
(973) 655-7342
Ph.D. University of Missouri--Columbia, Department of Theatre, 1989
M.A. Tulane University, Department of Theatre, 1973
B.A. Tulane University, Department of Theatre, 1970
Associate Professor
Department of Theatre and Dance, Montclair State University, 2000--present
Assistant Professor
Department of Theatre and Dance, Montclair State University; 1994-2000
Assistant Professor (Joint Appointment)
Humanities Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Rutgers-Newark; 1989-1994
Resident Dramaturg
Department of Theatre, Indiana University; 1985-1989
Drama of Diversity
Dramatic Criticism
Graduate Research Methods
Theatre History: Greek to Elizabethan
Non-Western Theatre & Drama
Theatre History: Restoration to the Present
Contemporary Theatre Practice
Playscript Interpretation
Tragic Elements of the Drama
Honors Seminar in Great Books and Ideas
Comic Elements of the Drama
Introduction to Theatrical Medium
Modern/Contemporary Theatre
American Drama
Readings in Graduate Theatre
World History I & II
Dramatic Criticism
English Composition
Peterson 2
Women Playwrights of Diversity: A Bio-bibliographical Sourcebook.
Co-author Suzanne Bennett. Westport (CT): Greenwood Press, 1997
Articles in Books:
“’Not As Other Boys’: Robert Edmond Jones and the Designs of Desire.” Passing
Performances. Eds. Kim Marra and Robert Schanke. Ann Arbor:
University of Michigan P, 2002.
“Direction by Design(er): Robert Edmond Jones and the New Provincetown
Players.” Experiments, Rebels, and Disparate Voices: The Theatre
of the 1920s Celebrates American Diversity. Eds. Arthur Gewirtz and James
Kolb. New York: Praeger, 2003.
“From Deomonization and Exotification to Reality: Muslims and War in Three
Centuries of American Drama.” Eds. Marc Maufort and Barbara Ozieblo.
Brussels: Peter Lang. (under consideration)
“Harems and Hookahs: Gender and Ethnic Depictions of Arabs and Muslims in Early
American Musicals.” Eds. Zenia DeSilva and James Kolb. New York:
Greenwood. (under consideration)
Refereed Journal Articles:
“Pride or Prejudice: What Destroyed the Ethiopian Art Theatre?” Theatre History
Studies, June 1994: 141-149.
“Psychic Geography in True West.” Notes on Contemporary Literature, December
Articles in Reference Sources:
“New Jersey Theatre Architecture.” Encyclopedia of New Jersey. New Brunswick:
Rutgers UP, 2004.
“Robert Edmond Jones.” The Gay and Lesbian Theatrical Legacy: A Biographical
Dictionary of Major Figures in American Stage History in the Pre-Stonewall
Era. Ed. William Harbin. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan Press, 2005
Peterson 3
“George L. Aiken.” American National Biography. Ed. John Garraty. New York:
Oxford UP, 1999.
“Frank Craven.” American National Biography. Ed. John Garraty. New York:
Oxford UP, 1999.
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University Press, 1999.
“Arthur M. Hopkins.” American National Biography. Ed. John Garraty. New York:
Oxford University Press, 1999.
“Mrs. John Wood.” Notable Women in American Theatre. Eds. Milly S. Barranger,
Vera Mowary Roberts and Alice Robinson. Westport (CT): Greenwood Press,
Other Published Material:
"Ancient Theatre Sites in Modern Turkey."
“Economics and Heredity in Curse of the Starving Class.” Curse of the Starving
Class: A Study Guide. Eds. Doug Long and Thomas P. Shafer. Indiana
University Department of Theatre and Drama Publications, 1991.
Invited Papers Presented:
“American Foreign Policy, the Media and Muslims: Dramatic Depictions from Three
Centuries,” II International Conference on American Theatre “Acting American:
The Plays and Players,” University of Malaga, Spain, 2004
“Deys, Beys and Bashaws: Early American Drama’s Response to a Muslim Threat,”
28th Annual Comparative Drama Conference, Ohio State University, Columbus,
Ohio, 2004
“Harems and Hookas: Gender and Ethnic Depictions of Arabs and Muslims in Early
American Musicals,” Hofstra University Conference “The Broadway
Musical 1920-2020,” 2003.
Peterson 4
“At War With the World: Effective Dramaturgical Strategies in Documenting Environmental Degradation in the Drama,” TASC Colloquium “Civil War(s) in
Contemporary Performance Arts,” Rennes, France, 2002.
“Broadway in the ‘Burbs: Cheryl Crawford’s Maplewood Theatre,” New Jersey
Theatre History Symposium, Newark, November 1999.
“The Arthur Hopkins-Robert Edmond Jones Collaboration: The Commercialization of
the New Stagecraft.” ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education)
Conference, New York, August 1996
“Subversive Staging: Robert Edmond Jones and the Paterson Silk Strike Pageant of
1913.” MLA [Modern Language Association] Conference, San Diego,
December 1994
“Robert Edmond Jones's Directorial Career in the 1920s.” Art, Glitter and Glitz:
The Theatre of the 1920s Celebrates American Diversity Conference, Hofstra
University, Hempstead, NY, November 1994
“The Man and His Word: Eugene O'Neill and the Issue of Race.” ATHE Conference,
Atlanta, August 1992
“Modest Victories and Noble Defeats: Margaret Webster as Producer.” ATHE
Conference, Seattle, August 1991
“Theatre Meets Politics: The 1913 Paterson Pageant.” Humanities Symposium, NJIT,
Newark, April 1991
“Sam Shepard's Operation Sidewinder: ‘Snake Eyes, You Lose.’” Mid-America
Theatre Conference, St. Louis, March 1985
Conference Panels:
Moderator and Co-chair, “Making Diverse Voices Known.” ATHE Conference,
Chicago, August 1997
Conferences Attended:
“Acting America: The Plays and Players,” II International Conference on American
Theatre, Malaga, Spain, 2004
28 Annual Comparative Drama Conference, Columbus, OH, 2004
“The Broadway Musical, 1920-2020,” Hofstra University Conference, 2003
American College Theatre Festival, Region II, College Park, Maryland, 2003
TASC “Civil Wars” Colloquium, Rennes, France, 2002
Peterson 5
American Society for Theatre Research, CUNY, New York, 2000
"History, Evidence, Identification: A Symposium on Sexual Politics in the American
Theatre," CUNY, New York, 1998
"Interpreting the Dream: The Story Behind the Peony Pavilion" Symposium,
Asia Society, New York, 1998
"Women in Theatre: Mapping the Sources of Power," New School, New York, 1997
East Central Theatre Conference, Baltimore, 1996
"Queer Theatre Conference," NYU, New York, 1995
East Central Theatre Conference, Wilmington (DE), 1995
Lesbian Theatre Conference, New York, 1994
“Harold Clurman: Contributions to the Group Theatre and Broadway”
SUNY Orange, 2006
“Lawrence and Lee’s Inherit the Wind”
“Tennessee Williams and The Rose Tattoo”
“John Steinbeck and The Grapes of Wrath”
“African-American History and In White America”
“Aeschylus and The Oresteia”
“Friedrich Durrenmatt and The Visit”
“Moliere and The Misanthrope”
“Eugene O'Neill and Ah, Wilderness!”
“Samuel Beckett and Waiting for Godot”
“William Shakespeare and Macbeth”
“Eugene O'Neill and A Touch of the Poet”
“Peter Weiss and Marat/Sade”
Ramon Delgado, Iron Corset
Ramon Delgado, Remembering Booth
John Wooten, Happy Hour
Nancy Steffen-Fleur, Heartbreaker
Paul Reisman, Mad Lad
Ben Clawson, The Break Room
Numerous student playwriting projects as reader/advisor.
Peterson 6
An Introduction to Play Reading and Analysis for McGraw-Hill, 2001
Improvising Shakespeare for McGraw-Hill, 1995
“Count Basie”—article and artifacts at request of MSU President Susan Cole to
be used for lobby display in new university building named for William (Count)
Harems and Hookahs: Muslim Identities on the American Stage (tentative title of a study
of imported and American-generated Muslim characters on the American stage
from the 18th century to the present)
Robert Edmond Jones: Designing a Life in the Theatre (tentative title of a biographical
study of the New Stagecraft’s leading exponent that is evolving from my
various projects on Jones)
“Broadway in the ‘Burbs: Cheryl Crawford’s Early Success as a Producer.” (article
on previous research to be submitted to American Theatre and Drama Journal)
“Commitment, Condescension or Convenience: The Grey Area of Black and White
Theatrical Production, 1917-1923” (an elaboration of prior work done on the
relationship of the white press to the emerging African-American theatre)
Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2000
Nominee, Outstanding Teacher, NJIT, 1992, 1993
Faculty Award, Contribution to Multicultural Education, NJIT Caribbean
Student Organization, 1992.
Phi Beta Kappa, Tulane University, 1970
Nan Gunter Boykin Award for Dramatic Literature, Tulane University, 1970
Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance, 2005--present
Graduate Director, MA in Theatre, 1996—present
Deputy Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance, 2004—05, 1999-2002
Peterson 7
Adjudicator, Samuel French Short Play Contest, New York City, 2005, 2004
Digital Backbacks Program, Montclair State University, Spring 2003
“Narrative Expressions” Writing Workshop, Montclair State University, Spring 2003
The Laramie Project Diversity and Tolerance Symposium, TheatreFest, 2003
Arts Related Curriculum Committee (ARCC), TheatreFest, 2002--present
Play Reader/Judge, TheatreFest New Play Contest, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Site Evaluator, Theatre Academy Residency Program, New Jersey Performing
Arts Center, 2004, 2003, 1998
Treasurer, East Central Theatre Conference, 1996--1999
Co-chair, Crossing Boundaries (a three-day series of interdisciplinary events),
Montclair, 1996
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, A Turbulent Voyage:Readings in African-American
Studies, Collegiate Press, 1992
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Theatre: Its Art and Craft, Collegiate Press, 1993
Production Research Consultant, Essex County Community College, Newark, In White
America, 1991
Historical Research Consultant, East Washington University, Antigone, 1991
Historical Research Consultant, Off-Off-Broadway, My Kingdom for Love, 1991
Historical Research Consultant, Off-Off-Broadway, S.J. Pearlman
Editor, Indiana Theatre Journal, 1986-1989
Publications Chair, Executive Committee, Indiana Theatre Association,
Faculty-Student Research Grant, Montclair State University, 2003
NEH Group Project, Cultural Studies, Montclair State University, 2000-2001
Fulbright-Hays Group Project, Turkey, Summer 1999
Global Education, MSU, support for Fulbright trip
NEH Summer Seminar, Washington D.C., Summer 1999
[unable to accept this grant due to fact that I had already accepted the
Fulbright-Hays for the same time period]
Separately Budgeted Research Grant, Summer Stipend, Montclair State University,
Separately Budgeted Research Grant, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1993
American Society for Theatre Research
Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)
American Theatre and Drama Society
Peterson 8
Women in Theatre
Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America
Montclair State University:
Member, Graduate Council, 2003--present
Deputy Chair, Department of Theatre and Drama, 1999—2002, 2004
Graduate Director, Department of Theatre and Drama, 1996--present
Secretary, University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1998--2002
Chair, MAR (Multicultural Awareness Requirement) Subcommittee, 1998—2002
Chair, Department Personnel Action Committee (PAC), 2002-2003
Member, Department PAC, 1999--2004
Member, University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1997--2002
Chair, Curriculum Committee, School of the Arts, 1996--2002
Chair, Graduate Committee, Department of Theatre and Dance, 1996--present
Member, SART Henningburg Scholarship Committee, 2000
Faculty Advisor, Theta Alpha Phi, Theatre Fraternity, 2000--present
Faculty Coordinator, Theatre in the Raw, 1996--present
Member, Teaching, Research and Professional Development Committee, 1996-98
Member, Enrollment Management Committee, 1994-1996