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TFSD Unwrapped Standard
Grade 8 - Algebra Connections
Power Standard (s) Reference: Standard 4 - Variables and Expressions
State Standard: 3.1 Use algebraic symbolism 3.2 Evaluate algebraic expressions
District Standard: 6.2 Uses variable representation
TFSD Power Standard:
Students use variable representation to simplify, evaluate, and translate algebraic
Concepts: Need to know about (Nouns)
• Variable, expression, simplify, evaluate
• Like terms
• Commutative Property
• Distributive Property
• Proportion
• Algebraic fraction
• Translation
Skills: Be able to do (Verbs)
• Use variable representation
• Write algebraic expressions (translate words)
• Model a situation
• Combine like terms
• Evaluate an algebraic expression for a given value
• Use correct order of operations
• Simplify algebraic fractions
Identifying Big Ideas from Unwrapped Standards:
1. A variable is a symbol that represents an unknown quantity.
2. One strategy for setting up word problems is to translate words to algebraic expressions and
symbols. Modeling a situation with algebraic expressions is another strategy that can be used.
3. An expression is in simplified form when all possible operations to combine like terms have
been completed.
Essential Questions from Big Ideas to Guide Instruction and Assessment:
1. What is a variable?
2. What are some steps to set up word problems?
3. When is an expression in simplified form?
Possible Topics or Context: (what you will use to teach the concepts and skills-particular
unit, lessons or activities)