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The Christmas Truce
1. What was to happen on Dec. 24, 1914?
2. On Christmas Day the guns were silent and there were several examples of soldiers
leaving their trenches and exchanging ___________________________.
The United States Army
1. How many were in the U.S. army in 1914?
2. U.S. forces oversees were led by
3. All males between the ages of ____ and ____ were required to register for military
4. How many U.S. men were drafted into the army?
5. How many served oversees?
6. How many casualties did the AEF suffer?
7. What disease did many U.S. soldiers die from?
8. African Americans fought for the _____________________ army during the war.
1. At first only _____________ men were called up, but at the end of the war, married
men of ________ were being conscripted
2. 16,000 men who refused to fight were called ___________________ _____________
3. Men who believed that even during wartime it was wrong to kill another human being
were called _____________________.
4. What job did most CO’s do? __________________ ________________________
5. Men who refused all compulsory service were called _________________________.
6. What happened to absolutists who refused to obey orders?
Read about stretcher bearers
Life in the Trenches
1. What was dysentery?
2. How did they get dysentery?
Trench Rats
1. What attracted the rats to the trenches?
Shell Fire
1. Soldiers subjected to continual exposure to shell-fire were in danger of developing
Shell Shock
1. What did Dr.’s argue was the only cure for shell shock?
Blighty Wounds
1. What was the punishment for a self-inflicted wound?
Trench Food
1. Towards the end of the war, soldiers got meat _________ out of every ________ days.
2. By winter of 1916, the main food was pea-soup with a few lumps of ______________
3. Sometimes they had to use _________ in soup and stews.
4. How many days did it take bread to reach the front line and what problem did this
1. When a British soldier was ordered to attack the front line, he carried ________
pounds of equipment.
1. What animal attached to the body of soldiers?
2. Lice also carried a disease known as __________ fever.
1. How many British soldiers suffered total or partial leg or arm amputations?
Trench Foot
1. What caused trench foot?
2. What happened if trench foot went untreated?
3. By the end of 1915, What did they do to prevent trench foot?
Poisonous Gas
1. Which country first used poisonous gas? ________________________________
2. They used _____________ gas on the Germans.
3. Germans began using chlorine gas, how did this work?
4. What happened when the British launched a gas attack on Sept. 25, 1915?
5. Allied troops were supplied with masks of cotton that had been soaked in _________.
to neutralize the gas.
6. What gas was used by the Germans and was the most lethal of all chemicals used
during the war? ________________________
7. How many Americans were exposed to poison gas? _____________________
8. How many Americans died from poison gas? ______________________
1. What was a zeppelin?
2. Which country first used the zeppelin?
Total Deaths of World War I
Use an excel spreadsheet to create a chart on the number
of deaths per country in World War I. Be sure to include
the main Allies and Axis Powers.
View Costs of World War I
Use an excel spreadsheet to create a chart on the costs of
World War I. Be sure to include the main Allies and Axis
View propaganda posters used during World War I.
Write a short paragraph in the text below and explain whether or not you feel the
propaganda posters used during World War I were effective. Who did this type of
advertising appeal to?
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