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Case Manager
(Part-time; 10 month program)
Hourly Rate Schedule: $16.46-$20.24
(rate set based on qualification and experience)
(eligible for bilingual pay)
Scope of Job
Under the supervision of the Youth Diversion Program Administrator, and within a
broad framework of standard policies and procedures, the Case Manager
implements activities of comprehensive prevention and intervention services. This
position is specific to a school site in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District.
Duties and Responsibilities
Provides direct services to students and the school community
Maintains documentation of all services provided
Maintains a positive working relationship with school personnel
Identifies, screens, and refers students for counseling services within the
agency and other services with outside agencies
Participates as a team member in case management conference
Obtains resources and collaborates with outside agencies to improve family
and child functioning
Assists in the coordination of family conferences
Collaborates with other case managers and counselors
Schedules and coordinates program activities and educational field trips
with participants
Participate in multi-disciplinary team meetings
Assist youth in completing designated tasks, conditions and goals in their
treatment plan
Assist youth in accessing and developing healthy alternatives in the areas of
recreation, cultural events, education and vocational opportunities
Assist youth in completing community service hours
Assist youth in school re-enrollment
Transports and chaperones participants
Adhere to all confidentiality requirements.
Assists Youth Diversion Program Administrator with all program activities
and performs other duties as assigned
Employment Standards
Knowledge of:
 Conflict Resolution Techniques
 School and community organization
 Chemical use and addiction
 Gang culture
Ability to:
 Work with at-risk children, adolescents and families
 Work with at-risk students and/or youth gang members
 Communicate effectively, and maintain a high level of organization
Training and Experience
Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, criminal justice, community
organization, education or related field, or two years experience in education or
community outreach. Bilingual Spanish/English.
Must be flexible in interchanging roles of mentor, educator, advocate, and
activities director while maintaining a strength-based position with participants,
families and school personnel. Valid California driver's license and clearance for
agency vehicle insurance coverage. Negative fingerprint screening and
tuberculosis skin test/x-ray.
Benefits: PVPSA offers competitive benefits including Paid Time Off, Medical,
Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and Employer sponsored retirement contribution for
employees who are scheduled to work a minimum of 30 hours per week.