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Explorer Questions NYS 5th grade exams
Nov 08
16 One goal of Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson
was to
(A) settle New York State
(C) start colonies in Virginia
(B) explore the Great Lakes
(D) find a shorter water route to Asia
Nov 07
Nov 06
12 Europeans, including Verrazano and Cartier, explored North America
because they were trying to
(A) claim land for England
(B) find out who lived there
(C) find a shorter trade route to Asia
(D) trade with Native American Indians
Nov 05
15 Which set of events about early American history is in the correct order
from earliest to latest?
(A) colonization Revolutionary War European exploration
(B) colonization European exploration Revolutionary War
(C) European exploration colonization Revolutionary War
(D) Revolutionary War European exploration colonization
Nov 04
14 The continents of North America and South America were called the New
World by Europeans in the 1600s because
(A) the people on these continents spoke a different language
(B) gold and spices were discovered on these continents
(C) no one lived on these continents before the Europeans arrived
(D) these continents had been unknown to the people of Europe
Part II
Directions: Write your answer to the questions that follow in the spaces
provided in this test booklet.
Base your answers to questions 1 through 3 on the time line below.
1 In which year did Champlain explore the Onondaga region? [1]
2 According to this time line, what was the first river in the New York State
region to be explored by Europeans? [1]
3 Which statement from this time line supported the Dutch claim to
present-day New York State? [1]
Nov 03
16 Which person started the fur trade with Native Americans in 1603?
(A) Verrazano (C) Cartier
(B) Champlain (D) Hudson
17 What is the best title for this time line?
(A) Hudson River History
(B) European Explorers in North America
(C) Geography of North America
(D) Sailing in North America
Nov 02
16 Which list of events is in order from earliest to latest?
(A) arrival of Europeans Revolutionary War colonial period
(B) Revolutionary War arrival of Europeans colonial period
(C) arrival of Europeans colonial period Revolutionary War
(D) colonial period arrival of Europeans Revolutionary War
Nov 01
31 Giovanni Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, and
Henry Hudson were all
A governors of New York State
B famous American inventors
C explorers of New York State
D generals in the Revolutionary War