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Story of the Times 1750-1800
Pages 120-125
1. By ____________, there were fourth- and fifth-generation
Americans of European descent living in Virginia and New England.
2. These people were _______________________, and, on the whole,
were satisfied with that status.
3. Between ___________________________, however, attitudes
changed dramatically.
4. The groundwork for the American Revolution had been laid by
European _______________ as well as by the
__________________ and Parliament.
5. The eighteenth century is often characterized as the
____________________, or the Age of Reason.
6. The writers and thinkers of the Enlightenment valued ____________
over _____________.
7. Unlike the Puritans, they had little interest in the ____________,
believing instead in the power of reason and science to further
8. Much of what was produced during the Revolutionary period was
9. The writing of permanent importance form the Revolutionary era is
mostly ________________________.
10. _________________ was a spellbinding orator whose speech against
the Stamp Act in the Virginia House of Burgesses brought cries of
11. __________________was perhaps more influential than any other in
swaying public opinion in favor of independence.
12. The Declaration of Independence was first drafted by
____________________ in June 1776. Despite some exaggerated
charges against King George III, is one of the most influential
statements ever made.
13. _________________ appeared in most of the newspaper, and
numerous broadside ________ were published.
14. What is a broadside ballad?
15. Two poets whose works were more sophisticated than the broadside
ballads were Joel Barlow and _______________________.
16. Perhaps the best-known writing of the period outside the field of
politics was done by ________________. His
___________________________ became familiar to most
households in the colonies.
17. During the Revolutionary period, America began to establish a
__________________ of its own. ________________ were built,
and ______________were established after the war.
18. State the contributions of early Americans:
Native Americans –
Puritans –
Revolutionary Statesmen -