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Exam Review Sheet
Islam Unit
Date of Exam: Thursday 10/28
Major Sections:
1) The Geography of the Arabian Peninsula
2) The Prophet Muhammad
3) The Teachings of Islam
4) Contributions of Muslims to World Civilizations
Chapters from Text: 7, 8, 9 & 10
Geography of Arabian Peninsula
 Know characteristics of the Four Major Climate Regions & adaptations people
made to not only survive, but flourish
 Be able to account for why location of peninsula is ideal for spread of goods and
 Know Terms from Story
The Prophet Muhammad
 Know Terms from story
 Be able to account for major events of Muhammad’s life, spreading of early Islam
and call to prophet hood
 Know the three HW questions from board
The Teachings of Islam
 Know Terms from Story
 Places of Worship
 3 Holy Books: Qua’ran, Sunnah, Hadith
 Know the Five Pillars by name and description
Contributions of Muslims to World Civilizations
 Name the contributions that Islamic civilization made in the following areas:
 Architecture, philosophy
 Science and technology
 Geography and navigation
 Medicine
 Bookmaking and literature
 Art, music &recreation
Make flashcards from:
 Class notes
 Sheet on climate zones
 Muhammad timeline sheet
 Terms from stories
 Questions from board
Test will be comprised of mainly multiple choice questions, with some fill in & short
essay questions.