Political Psychology syllabus - College of Social and Behavioral
Political Parties and Gender Balanced Parliamentary Presence in
Political market failure? The effect of government unity on energy
Political Efficacy, Voting Behavior and Partisanship among
Political Efficacy and Community Well
Political Disagreement, Lack of Commitment and the Level of Debt
Political Competition in Legislative Elections∗
political careers, corruption, and impunity
Political Behavior and Elections Unit Objectives: 1. Investigate how
Political Advertising and Voting Intentions
Policy divergence and voter polarization in a structural model of
Policy Briefing
Pluralism and Democracy – Conditions for a Reconciliation
canada: one country or nine provinces?
China`s Attempt to Become the "World`s Largest Democracy"
An Asymmetric Nonlinear Process - American National Election
ALEC Model Bills and - People for the American Way
Autocratic Elections: Stabilizing Tool or Force for Change?
Asset Pricing Theory - College of Business
ARTICLE National Security Interest Convergence