Trigonometry of the Right Triangle
Name Class Date Practice (SOHCAHTOA) Form G Trigonometry
Polar Coordinates and Complex Numbers
Precalculus Quiz 1 Section 4
Chapter 5 Test, form lÀ
Answers for the lesson “Apply the Sine and Cosine Ratios”
Using Fundamental Identities
π π π π π 15. sin38° π 7 cos 18 π
Trigonometry - New River Community College
Solving Right Triangles – Applications of Trigonometry
Precalculus S Final Review Chapters 3 and 4
Sample Paper MATH
Geometry 2: Trigonometry Name Unit Review Period Date G.SRT.6
inverse inverse functions functions
Find sin J, cos J, tan J, sin L, cos L, and tan L.
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Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Unit Practice Exam
7.1 –3 Triangle Application Theorems
Using Trigonometry to Find Missing Angles of Right Triangles
Complementary Angles and Trigonometric Ratios